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We are pleased to announce three new sponsors of our website:

     Poster City

     Unshredded Nostalgia

Poster City - Todd Feiertag began collecting posters as a child living in the suburbs of Nyack, New York. In 1979, he had accumulated so much material that he opened the mail order company, Poster City, specializing in rare, vintage movie art. In 1997, Sotheby's auction presented an auction consisting entirely of Todd's collection. This auction netted the current record poster price, the $453,500 price for a one sheet for the 1932 film The Mummy. For more information, click HERE.

Reeldeals.com - Dave Smith's internet site offers a great selection of new original movie posters, vintage posters and reprints, lobby cards and presskits, among other things. Dave offers both wholesale and retail sales. Be sure to check out his "poster bargains." For more information, click HERE

Unshredded Nostalgia - Jim Episale has created the "Internet's Nostalgia Marketplace!" Unshredded Nostalgia is one of the Internet's foremost buyers and sellers of: (1) Casino Memorabilia (chips, posters, menus); (2) Movie Posters (and other movie memorabilia); (3) TV Guides, Advertising Posters, Sheet Music, Old Photographs; and (4) Hawaiiana. Visit him on the web or at his retail outlet 323 S. Main Street (Rt. 9), Barnegat, NJ 08005. For more information, click HERE



Our recent salute to the film posters of the JAMES BOND films was so popular, that we are now planning a "star" and a "character" tribute each month. Our "Featured Star" for July was the legendary Bob Hope. Click on his name to see the tribute.

BOB HOPE - Thanks for the memories -- We recently lost one of our most beloved performers. To honor his memory, we prepared review of his "body of work" through his movie posters.

Our August "Featured Star" is also one of our childhood favorites -- everyone's favorite cowboy, ROY ROGERS. Take a look at the long film life of the man born Leonard Slye.

Our August "Featured Character" is that infamous jungle swinger - TARZAN. We will take a detailed look at the actors behind the character as well as a thorough filmography. Based on input from our sponsors/dealers, we anticipate a large number of Tarzan posters that will be available for sale. TARZAN will make his appearance on our front page the last week of August.



Far too many movie poster collectors are "penny wise and pound foolish" when it comes time for them to sell their most prized possessions. They want to pay as low commissions as possible, and so they end up trying to sell their quality items themselves (either via eBay auctions or via an ad in Movie Collectors World) and they often either get far less than they should have, or, worse yet, their item(s) go unsold and become "tainted" because they didn't sell, when actually they were just poorly promoted!

So what is a collector to do to maximize the sale of their most prized possessions? This is your FINAL chance to consign your best movie paper items to Bruce Hershenson's 15th major auction, VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD POSTERS VI, which will be held in mid-December. Bruce's 14 major auctions have sold over 10 million dollars of movie posters).

Just as in the past, Bruce will self-publish a glorious full-color catalogue, with the finest full-color printing there is. Also as he has done in the past, he will send out 25,000 full color flyers promoting the sale, so that every poster collector in the world is aware of this sale.

Bruce is looking for only the very highest quality of items for this auction. IF YOU HAVE ITEMS YOU WANT CONSIDERED FOR INCLUSION IN THIS VERY SPECIAL AUCTION, YOU MUST CONTACT BRUCE IMEMDIATELY. For more information, you can check out his recent ad in MCW or his website.



We have added several new articles to our site. These articles are: Numa Pictures and Burrough-Tarzan Enterprises; Disney Posters; the Morgan Litho article has been updated; and we added over 1,000 NSS numbers this month.


Be sure to check out our inventory liquidation sale in Susie's Corner. We will be adding new items weekly. Many of you may have noticed that some of the package deals go quick -- so be sure to act when you see something you like.



Two "Dealers" have joined the new "Dealer Program" currently being offered to dealers of movie poster collectibless. This new program allows "Reputable and Honest" dealers to list posters they have for sale in our new Movie Poster Data Base. Please welcome these dealers and visit their listings in our MPDB.

Reel Memories - Owners of the Film Prints, the Robertsons have over 10,000 posters, mostly original movie posters, for sale. In addition, they also have reprints, Broadway posters, 8x10's, 11x14's, standups, and other memorabilia.
They also offer custom framing and shrinkwrapping and offer a hunt service for hard to find posters. For more information, click HERE.

Owen Short - Owen is trying to liquidate a collection of movie posters that he has inherited. Since Owen lives in our area, he brought them to us for condition verification and help with the liquidation of his collection. He has some great vintage pieces. For more information, click HERE.



The Movie Poster Data Base (MPDB) is growing. We have recently added more images and dealers are listing daily. PLEASE REMEMBER -- this is a very comprehensive project and will take time to build. It is our goal to have 30,000 posters available for sale by the end of the year.

If you are not familiar with the MPDB (where HAVE you been), you can read more about it -click HERE.)

We have a Tutorial available for anyone who would like to learn how to browse the MPDB. Click HERE to go directly to the Tutorial. Advance searches are also available. For more information on these, click HERE.

REMEMBER - If you would like to meet the dealers and sponsors of our site, click HERE


Iguide's Monthly
eBay Report for July 2003

Iguide Publications has just started a very beneficial report on the monthly sales of movie posters on eBay.The data below represents the actual sales results on eBay in the Movie Poster category (18828) for July, 2003.

This report is brought to you by iGuide Media, publishers of price guides for the antiques and collectibles fields. You can see their site at www.iguide.net.

CATEGORY 18828: Movie Posters

Total Auctions: 72,232

Total Auctions resulting in a sale: 22,057

Sell-Through Percentage: 30.54%

Average Bids per Auction: 2.7

Average Sale Price: $21.70

Total Value of all items sold: $482,779.50
1. emovieposter.com $53,642.76
2. rotman-auction $24,832.91
3. auctions@moviegoods.com $13,418.49
4. bananaroad $7,971.17
5. weln@aol.com $6,720.88
6. cinemonde $6,604.54
7. curlykong $5,433.17
8. ebazaarinc $5,162.49
9. onesheet $4,813.63
10. el.topo $4,755.87

Bringing Up Baby one sheet sold for $5,495.00. Sold by Cinemonde.
iGuide Market Report (c)2003 iGuide Media, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

The top 10 dealers sold a total of $133,355.91 for the month which is 27.6% of the total sales.

Iguide Publishers is the publisher of our new book Learn About Movie Posters. They also have several other very beneficial books that you should take a look at.




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