We took our trip to Cinevent very seriously. We spent our time talking and interviewing dealers and collectors to get their thoughts on the hobby, the direction, problems and what was needed.

As a direct result of that trip, AND after much preparation, we are announcing a new publication.


Scheduled for release January 15th 2007
(our 6th Anniversary online)

The problems that we heard CONTINUOUSLY from dealers was the LACK of a current source of information on poster prices AND the location of what dealer had particular material and their contact information. (Almanac style) There were also a SURPRISING number of dealers and collectors that were NOT on the internet on a regular basis (SHOCKING!)

After months of discussion, we think we have come up with a solution that should make EVERYONE happy..... We have worked out all the details and have started compiling the information for release. And here's the info:

CONTENT: 50,000-100,000 posters listed FOR SALE from dozens of dealers from around the world with the following information....

FORMAT: We plan to issue this first edition in 3 formats.... on the internet, on CD AND in PRINTED version. The internet version will be available FREE with CD and PRINTED versions available very inexpensively... to be determined and announced in December when we know actually how large the issue will be.

The printed version will be a no-frills versions packed with information. I never liked hard backed versions because they are hard to keep open when you're looking for information..... This version will be bound where it can open and be laid flat for research purposes.

Here's a sample page that has been constructed to show how it will be presented.

We will be announcing additional information over the next couple of months.


For any questions, suggestions or comments.... you can contact me at