The Imperial Distribution Corporation was formed in 1931 by William M. Pizor that primarily targeted and released documentaries, B-Westerns, melodramas, and short subjects.

Imperial began relying on movies from overseas and as the market changed, eventually could not continue to operate.

They closed their doors in 1939.

Some of their productions were:

Two Gun Gaballero (1931),
Riders of the Rio (1931) with Lane Chandler,
The Galloping Kid (1932),
The Flaming Signal (1933),
Paradise Valley (1934),
Pals of the Prairie (1934) with Buffalo Bill Jr.
Pals of the West (1934) with Wally Wales,
The Woman Who Dared (1934),
Murder by Television (1935) Bela Lugosi,
The Broken Coin, and
I Demand Payment (1938) with Jack LaRue