NSS Poster Numbers
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We consider the NSS numbers to be one of the anchors of the hobby. This book contains over 25,000 NSS numbers from 1940 -1990 and should be an invaluable research tool for anyone in the hobby. To compile this has been a tremendous amount of work and we are expecting this book to do well and be around for a LONG time. We have set the retail at $40 to be affordable for all levels. The book will include a 16 minute copy of the 1969 NSS trailer "The NSS Story". We already have standing orders for several major institutes.

Our initial run will be 250 books. We have no plans to put out any updated editions in the future... in other words... THIS IS IT! We will reprint this book as needed.


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Special Pages

We have several other special pages for advertisting. These are full page only. LAMP Members get 25% discount off these prices and LAMP Sponsors get 50% discount off these prices. Color is available. For color on any of these, please contact us. Also, to include an insert, please contact us

Back Cover - SOLD
Inside Front Cover - SOLD
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Front Inside Facing Page - $250
Back Inside Facing Page - $250
Title Facing Page - SOLD

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