Bulletins for January - March 2002

Mar. 24, 2002

I guess you know that we've been having server problems...... I'm beginning to think that we've outgrown our current host and need to look for another. All of our sites are back online BUT half of our email systems are still down. We haven't been able to get email for this site for the past week.



If you sent questions or updates to the calendar and didn't receive an answer, I apologize for the problems. We're looking for larger and faster facilities



Mar. 9, 2002

I turned on a new section today on black cast posters. At the bottom of the article, you can click on a list of black cast films. This is a work in progress and we will continue to add more as we identify them. As soon as I finish the serials section (I found a lot more info to put on them) I'll start adding the posters that we've compiled so far. enjoy!!


Mar. 8, 2002


We have a new sponsor and a great deal for you. For the many dealers and individuals that don't like paypal. Citibank has started a new free service for online payments called C2it. For those interested, look on any page on the right side column, look for the C2it, then click to find out more.
They also have dealer programs.


Mar. 5, 2002


Long time dealer and friend Fred Sliman has finally opened up a website. Fred and I went to quite a few shows together and Fred has a great selection of vintage movie posters that he's accumulated as well as new posters and videos. Go by and see Fred's site at the Cinema Trade and tell him I sent you...


Mar. 2, 2002

ed's Ed-itorial

I just received my new copy of the 2002 'Movie Poster Price Almanac' and my first thought was 'oh noooooo!!. This thing is toooo pretty'.
As much as I use and abuse my copies, this issue looks like it needs to be put up for display……... Oh well, that didn't last long ….as I dove in and started looking thru.
Being an information junkie, this issue is GREAT!!

I looked across my shelf and have a full row of all the …Almanacs back to the old paperbacks that were put out twice a year when John first bought the lists. What's worse is that I remember how great I thought these were when John first started putting them out with a couple of thousand listings… and each year they've gotten bigger and better.

Now there's so much info in them (117,000 listings which includes 34,000 auction listings) that I can't see any dealer or collector NOT having one. This 900 page hardbound volume has over 250 dealer contacts from around the world.
To find out more - click here.


Mar. 1, 2002

WOW!! There's so many changes in the works that I'm having trouble keeping up with them!

First..... We have 2 new sponsors!!!!!! This weekend we're working on their material and getting it in place!!

We want to welcome Diane Jeffreys from Studio C. Diane does fantastic work on poster restoration and is now our 'West Coast' connection!! Be sure to go thru her site and look around... This next week we'll be adding a new restoration article with lots of new material for you to check out!!

Our other new sponsor is Bill Cole from Bill Cole Enterprises!!!!!!!! Bill has a great selection of high quality poster bags and archival supplies... we're also working feverishly on a new article in this area to help you with this additional info.


Here come the Polls!!!

After many discussions, we've decided to start a new polls section with 2 different polls!!! We're doing a long term poll and a monthly poll. AND WE WANT YOUR OPINION!!!!!!!

On the long term poll - this poll will run all year and has the 'heated' topic of ......


For the next 2 weeks, we will be taking the first nominations, then you will be able to go on a separate page and see the ranking of 'your' favorite!!!

Our other poll will be in conjunction with our sister site of SWPosterArchive.com and is....


This poll will run until the release of the new 'Episode 2' movie in May. For the next 2 weeks we will also be taking the first nominations...

We have set up a special email for our polls, so to submit your nominations - you don't need your name, just email your nomination with this email address:


For more info on the Star Wars poll, go to:


and look thru all the different Star Wars posters....


For those looking for great vintage posters....
Be sure and notice the auction on the 5th in London..... go to our NEW 'Event Calendar' and you can click straight thru to see the great posters available..


Feb. 23,2002

Just an update on the many things that are going on.... We're getting close to completing the list on the 'serial' section. We also have a 'serial' giftshop that's almost complete.
We have just added an 'Event Calendar' to keep up with the events that are going on. We don't have a lot in it yet but I'll be adding them in the next week or so.. If you have an event or know of an event that should be listed, email me the info and I'll be glad to add it.

We've been changing around the 'Artist' section and have started adding material on studio artists. We've also collected quite a bit of material on studio history that we'll be adding to the 'History' section soon. If you have any suggestions or comments, let me hear those too:)



Feb 9,2002

ed's Ed-itorial
On 'the new reprints'

I've been asked numerous times now about the new reprints and what I thought… Boy is that a loaded question to ask 'what I think?' - oh, you mean about 'reprints'…that limits it a lot:)
.. OK, here's what I think…….

Why does technology always seem to complicate things. Everything seems to be going along smooth and then all of a sudden ...'poof'... some new technology changes all the rules of how things work.

Around ninty years ago, Edison instituted a special size for movie posters to stop small independent printers from reproducing or 'reprinting' the special theater posters. Since the collapse of NSS and the studios return to distributing movie posters, the 'powers that be' saw fit to change this special size to save on distribution cost. That was the first major blow to poster collectors.

A little over a decade ago, technology bridged the gap to make it financially feasible to reproduce this new size of movie posters and let outside printers produce 'reprints' the same size and quality.

Soooo… Disney responded by trying to individually number all their original theater posters for their studios and all their subsidiaries ..but the rest of the movie industry responded by adding light boxes and making the posters double-sided (with Disney included) to give a more realistic look at the theater, but also make them more expensive to produce.

Then technology struck again with online auctions opening up an international availability of movie posters and flooding the market with fantastic posters that were once so difficult to find only for them to become more common place.

And now, as the original old posters continue to dry up and are getting ready to start climbing again…..'poof'... technology does it again.

A little over a year ago, a friend of mine brought over 2 'Saving Private Ryan' posters. He wanted me to tell him which one was the reprint and which was the original, so I said 'sure, no problem' (with a slightly cocky attitude). He pulled out 2 'double-sided' 27x40 posters and said that one was a reprint he had just gotten in from Europe and the other was an original from the theater.

To my shame, I checked and checked and couldn't tell the difference. Both had the same paper weight, size, gloss and even same percent fade on the back. Another major blow to poster collectors.

This year, I've already noticed double-sided reprints on the market. Even though they're marketing them as 27x39 instead of 27x40, the fact is that the collectibility of new releases has greatly diminished.

'What does this mean?' you say. New collectors will NOT have the same satisfaction and security in purchasing NEW ORIGINAL theater posters that we enjoyed. It also means that the value of newer theater posters can't increase with age because there's always the indistinguishable 'reprint' available.

Even though, most major investors became more skeptical of newer posters after the fall of National Screen, now investors will be limited more than ever before to the older posters and special editions that aren't reprinted (i.e. lenticulars).

This doesn't change the market on the older original 27x41 posters of the past.. In fact, I think it may actually help it. As collectors that would be investing in newer releases fall back to the older standards. The limited number of older original posters continue to dry up and I believe prices will again start to rise on them.

But it's just a shame, that the future of poster collectors become so limited by technology. We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

In an interview with George Lucas last year, he outlined the future of the movie industry, proclaiming that the direction had to change to digital. The new Episode 2 that comes out in May will be the first movie to be produced completely digital. This way movies could eventually be downloaded from studio to theater making the quality a lot better and less expensive with out having to produce thousands of copies that get beat up in distribution.

But there was a small footnote to the interview, a small mention that I haven't heard much about.. it was that posters and advertising material could also be downloaded once the proper equipment was installed…………??????

What will that do to the future of NEW releases as far as collectors are concerned??

I guess that we'll have to wait and see...



Jan 20,2002

First we want to welcome a new sponsor!!!!
It's Sue Heim at Hollywood Poster Frames.
This is NOT a new name to the poster collecting world.. Sue has been a major dealer and framer and has been a leader in trying to teach collectors about the ins and outs of framing movie posters for many many years!!
(sorry Sue, I didn't mean THAT many..)
Be sure and read her article on framing in the article section before having any posters framed..

Next.. I want to apologize for so many broken links during the conversion of formats.... I've never seen so many bugs in my life!! The problem is.. that not only have we changed the format, but we've been trying to build in connections to make it easier to expand.
So I've been running around with my bug killer trying to fix up the holes... so if you get a broken link, sorry..we'll try to have it fixed real soon....

Some of the areas that we're correcting right now is.. in the artist section..we're turning on more photos of the artists work and adding information about the posters. This page for the poster will be the pages that come up when we turn on the MOVIE section..
Also, we pushing on the SERIALS section..you'll be seeing a lot more info as we try to finish that section in the next week or so.

that's all for now!! if you have any suggestions
(or complaints) just let me know..



Jan 10th 02

It's finally here!!!! our first Anniversary... We've totally changed the format to make it easier to navigate... We've added several new areas and are in the process of adding several more.....

Some of the NEW areas that have been added are:

Navagation Bar - Now thru out the site you have a navagation bar to quickly speed you to the section that you want to go to. There are a couple of areas that are still in the process of being turned on and others in the works.

History - a whole section on the development of the movie poster!!! and a look thru the decades. check it out!!

Artists - notice that when you have a poster available that there's a completely new format for the posters.... This is a glimpse of the upcoming 'MOVIE' section. We'll be adding A LOT MORE info here.... now there's room to put info on the posters. Across the bottom of the page is an area to breakdown the different sizes, foreign posters, commercial posters and a lot more......

Advertising - we will have available inexpensive business ads thru out the site that can be placed on particular topics. For more info on them, go to the 'Help' section.

Changes and updates have been made in EVERY section except the 'test' and charts. But even that will be coming soon.

The new expansion on Serials should be completed in the next couple of days... and you'll be seeing a lot of additional changes over the next couple of weeks.

Soooo.... take your time and look thru all the information. If you see anything that needs adding or changing, please let us know...

We're looking forward to our 2nd year and hope that we can help you.. LearnAboutMoviePosters......