Bulletins for July - Sept. 2002

Sept. 6, 2002

We just added a new section in history. The history index has changed while we continue to add and the section on Studio History has been added. A lot more changes in the works.... so keep checking back



Sept 4, 2002

I've had several 'complaints' from regulars about having to spend too long looking through for the new material on the site....ok...
It was pretty easy to tell when the site was smaller but I think we're about to go over the 4000 page mark, I guess it is becoming more difficult.

I've started a log that 'I hope' I can keep up to date for you... it's located in 'Poster News' (on the front page) at the bottom left. When I finish posting something new on the site, I'll try to log it there.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know




Sept. 1, 2002

We've had several people asking why some of our movie listings are in different years than IMDB. We check with several sources to try to set our year as accurate as possible but quite often we come into conflicts. Since we're reconstructing the NSS numbering system, when there's a conflict we utilize it to set the year instead of someone writing in to say when it was.

If you look under a year and don't see the title that you're looking for, be sure and go to the alphabetical index and look. You can click straight to the record from there and it says what year was assigned right beside it.

I hope this helps answer these questions and we'll be putting a lot more instructions on the section once I can catch up a little more.




August 29, 2002

Still pulling our hair out over some of the projects. One major that I needed to alert everyone on........ If you have asked me a question in the past couple of weeks... and I didn't respond, please email it to me again. We had a virus hit. The only damage that it did was erase my inbox that I hadn't filed yet which was between 800 and 1000 emails. So if I didn't answer you, I apologize it's because I don't have it anymore...

Next, we want to welcome a new sponsor to our family (yeah!!!). Paul Angel at Big Town Films Posters has joined us. We happy to have him with us. If you're not familiar with Paul you need to go by his website and look through a tremendous amount of work and effort as well as some GREAT posters. Paul is active with MoPo and an excellent dealer so be sure and watch his dealer page.

more coming soon!!!




August 21, 2002

There are so many changes going on right now that I thought I should bring you up on a couple of them...

First, I have a proposal that should be important to ALL poster collector that's concerning the use of a new 'Restoration Code'. I've put it in editorial form so it would take up so much of the Bulletin Board space. to read it - click here.

We've added a lot of new material, but I have several new major announcements. I'm working on the wording of them now to send out in our monthly newletter and some of them will be put here as well tomorrow.

If you haven't registered to receive your newletter
send it to: Sue@LearnAboutMoviePosters.com and she'll be glad to add your name

it should be going out tomorrow



August 11, 2002

I hope everyone is noticing all the additions!!

hundreds of additional NSS numbers added and lots of new posters but I do have a confession to make. In trying to create a framework to handle all this mountain of information, I had overlooked a simple addition that could be helpful.

A couple of days ago when I received Bruces' newletter, I was looking to help answer one of the questions about 'Jaws' having an NSS number or not. I hadn't made it to work on the year 1975 yet so I went in to turn on that particular title when I noticed that I couldn't see the NSS number that well on the photo that I was putting on the page. I put them in at 200 pixels which I thought shows let fairly well. BUT, the photo that I have in stock was a large photo and you can even READ the NSS number on the photo.......... Yes, it finally hit me that I should be attaching the larger photos so anyone looking at that particular title can see a blowup... OK...sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.......

I'm not going back on the hundreds and hundreds that I've already put on yet.. I wanted to get one preliminary pass turning on some in each year... but I'll catch the earlier ones when I make my next pass through the years... but as of now, when I add on a title, if I have a larger shot, I'll be putting it on for you. It will be easy to spot because I always put a border around the poster..... when there's an enlargement, the border will be BLUE.......easy huh!!.

For anyone that wants to know, I'm working in the year 1958 at the moment so this will be the year you start seeing the enlargements. It takes several days to complete my first pass through a year because we're also having to turn on the NSS numbers, the year list, the alphabetical list and any other list that title is connected to i.e. black cast. I'm usually working with about 10 windows open at a time (after a while you begin to twitch switching back and forth between all the windows). My next year that I will move to (hopefully by monday) will be 1948, if you want to watch as I turn them on. This first pass, I'm turning on the posters that I don't have to do a lot of work on and do some in each decade at the same time so I'm working on the 8's. When I finish those I'll move to the years ending in 7.

This weekend we'll also be turning on new articles and trying to get the framework of the Poster News Archive on.

I've also been working on the Poster Preservation section but I wasn't pleased with the layout so I trying to rework it.

We'll be sending out our monthly newsletter next week, so for those who are interested in more of the behind the scenes of our site, be sure to add your name to our mailing list....Sue handles the mailouts so send her an email and tell her BUT be sure and put your email address on it... we've had a couple that have sent us an email to add them and forgot to put their email address to send it to?????? send it to: Sue@LearnAboutMoviePosters.com and she'll be glad to add your name

I'll try to do another update this weekend



August 1,2002

I'm sorry for not updating for a couple of weeks. The schedule has been extremely hectic. I hope you've noticed that there's tons of new stuff all over the site. We've added several hundred #'s to the NSS numbers, updated the X-rated poster list, added several hundred to the movie section, and have been trying to run down a lot of the corrections of the new section. When I checked yesterday, we still had over 2000 broken links on the site. I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount of broken links...... but as of last week, we had over 36,000 internal links and a lot of the ones that are still broken are backgrounds etc. so I'm still working on them....

Oh yes, we want to welcome our new sponsor..Bags Unlimited has joined our ranks (yeah!!!). Most collectors are familiar with them, Bags Unlimited handles a wide variety of supplies for all levels of collectors... we'll be putting a lot of material all through the site for you to see on them.. so be sure and check out their site.

I apologize for some of the chaos on the site. I'm trying to reorganize some of the structure. We've outgrown some of the areas and it takes longer to rework it as opposed to just adding it in. The new Preservation Section is taking longer than I thought because of that, but when it's finished, it'll be a lot easier to navigate.

Be sure and check back the next couple of days, We've been battling some of the unknowns in the 'wild world of poster collecting' and I'll be putting several new bulletins and even bring back 'Ed's Editorial' (I know you don't want to miss that:)

Well, my wife's pulling on my chain to get back to work, so it's back to the grind




July 13,2002

Thank goodness it's not Friday the 13th, we got so many changes going on, we don't need ANYTHING jinxed:)

Tons and tons of changes and new stuff.......
This weekend you'll be seeing all types of pages going on and off and changing so don't be alarmed as the changes take effect..

Here's a overview of the major things that are changing....

First.. you'll notice the front page is different and a new LAMP logo. There are some things changed around and a new column on the front page navbar.

The new space is 'Poster News'. This is a new section for keeping up with things like this irradiation problem with the Post Office that will effect all people shipping posters through the mail... or the buyout of Paypal by Ebay.
We're also going to put our articles that are printed in other publications in an archive there. So check this new section out...

NEXT...We're turning on a new section under 'History'. You'll notice that instead of going straight to the Poster History.. you now will go to a page to chose Poster History OR different Movie Studio Histories...
Under the Studio histories, we're puting a history of the studio, about their parent company, some photos of the studios through the years and to me the most important... we've been gathering Studio Logos through the years. This is important when you're trying to date a poster and especially like Republic, who released posters and re-released posters BEFORE NSS so the only way to tell the difference in them is by the Studio logo.. Anyway, check out that section to see what you think.

NEXT... We're turning on a new section under NSS that is a chronological listing of NSS numbers through the years... Here's another ridiculously large project that we're starting:)
We've gone through our records and pulled about 2500 NSS numbers that we've handled through the years and started the section off with those. We'll be gathering more BUT we're also asking EVERY POSTER COLLECTOR to check their collection for any that we don't have listed. so take a look at that new area

NEXT... we're putting in a new INDEX system. With us growing this fast, we're out growing our current INDEX. Sooooo.... we're dividing it into 2 different sections.... You'll be able to look by Topic OR Alphabetical. With us now over 3000 pages of information, this should help you find the information that you're looking for a lot faster.

NEXT... We have more that we've completed on the poster preservation area.... A lot of this won't show up until we finish putting in the new Index system, so it might be around Monday before this shows up. But we feel that this is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT area that covers everything from how to store your posters to how to display them. We'll be adding in several letters and recommendations from outside companies as well.

That's the major changes for now...
what do you mean ..."is that all"?????
That's over 130 new pages of info and a lot more on the way. This puts the site over 3000 pages now and still growing (sort of like my waist:)

OK let me get to work so you can see some of this stuff...let me hear your comments and suggestions




July 9, 2002

We hope everyone had a GREAT holiday weekend
We were able to sneak away for a few days to Florida so now look-out...... we're rested and ready to get after it again:)

I hope you didn't miss the GREAT Heritage Auction Sunday.... we'll be posting all the results soon on their page.

We have a lot of changes, updates and new articles going on this weekend. We're adding a new section to History and NSS and updating the shipping reports on 'irradiation' so be sure to come back and check everything out as we continue to expand.

The new Movie Collectors World will be coming out in the next couple of days so you don't want to miss our article this issue. Of course there are a couple of OTHER things in the magazine:)

Lots to do so let me get ready for all the massive changes....... later



July 3, 2002

July 4th is fast approaching and we want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!!!

We want everyone to check out the Heritage Auction that going on in Rosemont, Ill. this weekend. It actually starts July the 4th but the first 2 days are comic books...... THEN on the 6th .... they get to the GOOD STUFF.... The great thing is .. that it's not all ritzy stuff that you love to drool over but could never afford.... there's some great affordable pieces in there also.

We have a list of the posters on the Heritage dealers page. So be sure to check them out AND you can bid on them from your computer!!

We've got some great articles that are almost finished so, right after the holiday, be sure to check back to see the new additions.

We're sneaking off for the holiday also so..
See you after the holiday......



July 1, 2002

we want to welcome another sponsor to our fast growing family(yeah!!!). Precision Restoration has joined our ranks. They come very highly recommended for the excellent work that they do with some of our other sponsors. If you have an old poster that you thought was headed to poster heaven.... give Sylvia a call and see how they can bring it back to life....

We have a tremendouse amount changes that are going on right now on the site. We're going through growing pains, so please bear with us. I seem to start adding or correcting in one area, then get side-tracked and forget where I was to begin with.

We have so many new articles in the works that I'm having to change a lot of the structure of the site to be able to handle them. So if you stumble into broken links or sections that aren't complete, we apologize, we'll be correcting them soon. With over 20,000 links on-site, sometimes I confuse myself of where I'm going:)




June 28,2002


We have been alerted to a major problem developing for poster collectors. Anyone that ships posters through the Post Office needs to read this special report on the installation of new 'irradiation' equipment. For the details ...click here