New Sections Added to our database!!

We have some exciting new additions that we think EVERYONE will love!!..

We are in the process of writing a new tutorial for our database... BUT for those that use it.. let me tell you about the new additions...

When you do a search for a title, most of you know to look for the little golden poster to tell if we have images on that record... well now you need to click on the record even if we don't have it there... and here's why...

1. First, we've added more on aka's.... they are on the top right when you open the record. Be sure to look for the list of aka's... if you see our little golden poster by any of them... then we have images under the aka title instead..

2. Next... you will see 3 new sections at the bottom of the page...let's take a look at each.. These are our new Generic link sections.

A. The first new section at the bottom is called: Additional Posters. One problem that we had with building an archive, is that the only posters that a dealer could attach to was the ones that we had placed the images online.... we'll NOW this new section corrects that..

(1). Studio Items Not Archived Yet - if there is a green dollar mark on the side, it means that one of our dealers have posters or studio released items that we don't have pictured above yet. You simply click on the thumbnail and open the record for the dealer(s) contact information. Since it's a generic link, you have to contact the dealer to see WHAT item he has.

(2). Commercial Items Not Archived Yet - this is the same EXCEPT it is for commercial items that were issued to retail stores... like a commercial poster, photos etc.

B. The Next Section is: Video and Electronics

(1). VHS - if there is a green dollar mark on the side, then we have a dealer that has the VHS tape for this movie title. You have to contact the dealer listed inside for the details... Be sure to check what format, new or used, English or other language.. etc.. We are only trying to let you know which of our dealers have this material for you

(2) DVD - this is the same as above except for DVD's

(3) Other Electronics - this is for other formats... such as laserdisc, trailers, cassettes, reel-to-reel, or any other format. So be sure to ask what the dealer has..

C. Associated Items... this section is for our collectors that really love a particular movie title...It is meant to let you know if any of our dealers have ANY other items on that movie title.. We have broken every thing else into 3 different categories.

(1) Clothing - caps, t-shirts, ties, watches, etc. ... anything wearable

(2) Novelties - for the weird stuff.. and can be anything from a lunch box to a spare tire cover!! so if there's a green dollar mark on the side then you might want to check with the dealer just to see what it is!!!

(3) Toys - this is pretty self explanatory... but if you like toys, you will want to contact the dealer to see what kind of toy it is..

We hope that these new sections will let YOU find what you are looking for AND allow our dealers to show a lot more items on each title

For any comments or suggestions.... please contact me:

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