What's Coming!
From L.A.M.P. !!

We feel like we've come a long way since we officially opened the site Jan. 10, 2001! We've had people ask if we're about finished with the site. And we've had people shocked when we tell them that we are over 6000 pages and we've just scratched the surface of what we want to put on the site! I've put up this page to outline what we're in the process of doing and the direction and development that we foresee for the website.

1. We're in the process of restructuring our teaching and article section of the site. We've outgrown the current structure. The easiest way to tell is to look at our 2 different indexes. The old index (alphabetical) is lacking a lot of topics and areas that the new index (topical) has. The problem is that we haven't updated the newer topical index, so there are a lot of areas to be added onto it to bring the NEW index up to date.

2. The biggest and most aggressive project is the new online database that we're working on right now. We hope to be able to demonstrate it around the end of April. This will completely change the majority of the website and here's why:

a. We were in the process of putting several different lists on the site like documentaries, silent films, black cast, shorts, newsreels, x-rated, serials, combos, animated, etc. The database will automatically sort and pull the lists and put them in their own sections.

b. The database will allow us to put in the information a good 10 TIMES faster than I've been able to so far. We have over 60,000 images waiting to be put on and I haven't had the time to get them online.

c. So far we've only been able to list US movies. The database will allow us to put in MOVIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, NOT just the US movies, and collect the information about them. This should open up a lot more collectible areas.

d. This database system will allow dealers to be able to put their posters for sale with JUST A CLICK! That's right! A reference site where buyers can feel confident that they're getting legitimate items and don't have to worry about MISREPRESENTATION!! A place where dealers can quickly and easily attach their items and websites and not worry about listing fees. A place where dealer and collector can talk back and forth without interference by a 3rd party. A place where a buyer can research and look and talk with confidence.

e. This database will allow people to come and do research by year or title or size, etc and give an ever growing collection of reference photos showing different sizes, countries, aka's and releases.

f. The database will also allow a wide variety of items that we haven't been able to handle; like DVD's videos, books, commercial posters, collectible and commercial merchandise etc. YES, WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

3. We plan to start dividing off some of the website. We want to start adding advance research material. We're planning to start a password protected area for members only. This will not include any of the regular information that we have on the site. This will be for those that need more! This area will be free for those that register while we continued to add to it.

4. We are preparing several areas for outside experts to give frequently asked questions. Our first is already in the process. Sue Heim from Hollywood Poster Frames is already online with ins and outs about having your poster framed. We plan to have similar sections in caring, storing, restoration, shipping, etc.

5. With the restructuring, we plan to expand most articles and add a lot more photos to the existing articles.

6. Our target by our 3rd anniversary is to have the site above 20,000 pages. This means about 4 TIMES its current size. This will put us in position to start the next phase. Some plans we don't want to disclose at the present time until other areas are in place.

So yes, we have a lot more planned if we can continue to grow at our current rate! We appreciate all those that have sponsored and helped us while we grow and look forward to helping the industry by compiling information to assist all levels of collectors and dealers.