Alliance Atlantis

Alliance Atlantis is a Toronto-based media company. It distributes American and Canadian-made films both in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Quite often it funds projects that are too controversial for US companies, such as Bowling for Columbine. The major emphasis from Alliance Atlantis, however, is television. They only produce a small amount of feature films themselves.

As for distribution of films, they primarily use Motion Picture Distribution LP.

Motion Picture Distribution LP

Alliance Atlantis owns the controlling interest in the Motion Picture Distribution LP which is a major independent distributor in Canada. Here is a recent release from them concerning their holdings:

Motion Picture Distribution LP acquires and distributes movies in three major territories representing almost 15% of the global box office; Canada, United Kingdom and Spain. These motion pictures are released theatrically, distributed through video and DVD sales and licenced to television broadcasters.

In Canada, Alliance Atlantis is the largest distributor releasing 79 theatrical motion pictures, 177 video and 210 DVD titles in 2003 . In the UK, Momentum Pictures continues to be a growing niche player in motion picture distribution releasing 20 theatrical motion pictures, 30 video and 44 DVD titles.

In May 2004, MPD LP acquired Aurum Producciones, Spain's leading independent distribution company. Like our Canadian and United Kindgom operations, Aurum is 100% focused on distribution and is not involved in production.

The Company's approximately 14,000-hour motion picture library includes approximately 6,000 titles.

MPD LP also owns Alliance Atlantis Cinemas, a 24-screen chain of upscale cinemas in Canada in partnership with Famous Players, a division of Viacom Canada Inc.

Other Holdings

The company purchased the now defunct Salter Street Films which produced a number of television shows for both the Canadian and international market such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CODCO, Emily of New Moon, Made in Canada, Blackfly and Lexx.

Here's some of their channel holdings:

BBC Canada

BBC Kids

Discovery Health Channel Canada


Food Network Canada

HGTV Canada

Historia - French language documentaries

History Television

Independent Film Channel Canada

Life Network

National Geographic Channel - Canada



Series + - French language dramatic movies


Showcase - Action

Showcase - Diva

Alliance Atlantis produces the hit U.S. tv series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


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