Poster Information

The following are some of the more common sizes of Italian movie art: (actual sizes are in metric so conversion to inches is approximate)

Foglio - equivalent to our one sheet, it measures 28"x39" (beware - that extra inch [28" not 27"] drives you nuts when framing).

2 Fogli (or folio/2 sheet) - usually measures 39x55 and issued folded.

4 Fogli (or folio/4 sheet) - measures 55x78, issued folded and normally comes in 2 pieces.

Locandina - measures 13x28 - similar to our insert, but on paper stock.

Photobusta – 14x20 until the late 50's when the size changed to 19x27. Normally issued in a set of 8, 10, 12 or 16.

Reissues and Reproductions

Reissues are quite common and are difficult to distinguish. Sometimes there is new artwork for the reissue and sometimes there's not. You have to look at various marks such as distributors, studio logos, different artists, printers, etc. to verify a particular release. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable movie poster dealer.

Reproductions are also common on major titles.