James Bond
East vs. West
Do you have a 'Hemi'?

In the early 1960s, Albert Broccoli had been bankrupt from poor movie production from his partnership with Irving Allen in Warwick Productions in England. He wanted to try again and was really interested in the Ian Fleming books.

Harry Saltzman in the early 1960s was also about bankrupt from poor production of films that he had produced .. BUT a number of years earlier, through one of his 'deals', he had acquired the rights to most of the Ian Fleming books for $1000 and had kept them for possible later projects.

Broccoli met with Saltzman and tried to acquire the rights but Saltzman refused to sell.. They instead decided to co-produce them. Both being basically broke, they formed 2 companies. The first was called EON.... which stood for 'Everything Or Nothing'. EON was set up as the production company.

The second company was called Danjaq...... named after their wives, Dana and Jacqueline. Danjaq holds the copyright to all the James Bond films (except for Never Say Never Again..... see below). Danjaq is currently located in Santa Monica, California.

Saltzman and Broccoli on the set

They approached United Artists who said YES... BUT only gave them a meager budget of $1 million for Dr. No.

You know how tremendously successful that venture became... launching one of the most successful series of all times....

Notice that Dr. No and From Russia With Love have Saltzman as the first name credited. Goldfinger had Broccolis' name first on US and European posters.

After some success.. they decided to divide the production credits and entered into a contractual agreement for top billing. and so was created ........ the Hemi's. You may have noticed on the bottom left border of some of your James Bond posters, "East Hemi" or "West Hemi".

They divided the world into hemispheres. Harry took the East Hemisphere and Albert took the West Hemisphere. So Saltzman would get the European countries and Broccoli would get the Americas. The first poster to have the division was Thunderball.

Below we have an example of the Man With the Golden Gun East Hemisphere poster. You will notice that Harry Saltzman is the first name on the production credits. Also, there is no NSS info or tag and no ratings box... For the English speaking poster collectors, this is basically what we call the Internatiomal style. For some reason, on our sample, the Transamerica tag has been 'markered' out below the United Artist logo.

Below is an example of the West Hemisphere poster for the same film. You will notice that Albert Broccoli has first credit name. Also it has the ratings box and NSS info because this was the poster used for the US release.

Man With the Golden Gun was the last film that Broccoli and Saltzman produced together. Saltzman had made some bad business decisions and was forced to sell his interest in EON Productions and Danjaq to United Artists, making Broccoli the sole producer.


In 1955, the actor John Payne paid a $1,000 A MONTH option for 9 months on the Bond novel Moonraker. He is considered the first in Hollywood that saw the potential, but because he couldn't get the rights to the other books from Saltzman, he gave up the rights.


Many have made fun of Albert Broccolis' name.... BUT his ancestors were responsible for crossing cauliflower with rabe to create a new vegetable. The called it after the family name 'Broccoli'....



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