NEW CHANGES TO LAMP (LAMP) is celebrating its fourth anniversary during January, 2005. It has been our custom to take this time to review the website and make changes and additions that we feel will improve the site. This year is no exception, and there are major changes in store. The following is a brief discussion of each of the changes.

LAMP began four years ago as a reference site designed to provide free information to movie poster collectors of all type. It has grown to over 7,500 pages of information. The LAMP site is basically going through a face-lift, with some cosmetic changes to the Home page. Because the site is so extensive, navigating it can be overwhelming. It is our hope to rework the Home page to make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. All articles will be reviewed, updated, and presented in the new format. The core of this website WILL NOT CHANGE, even with the changes that are discussed below.

One significant addition to the LAMP site is a new LAMP Dealer and Travel Map. By clicking on a particular state on the U.S. map, visitors will be taken to a map that indicates the location of LAMP Sponsors and Dealers as well as poster museums and exhibits, film festivals, that state.

Approximately 1-1/2 years ago, we added a second integrated site: LAMP-Movie Poster Data Base (MPDB). Although they are two separate sites hosted on two different servers, it was programmed to provide the appearance of one seamless website. The MPDB was created as an archive/data base of movie posters images. It also offered an opportunity for LAMP approved dealers to list specific movie posters for sale. With the addition of the MPDB, the LAMP site grew to over 100,000 pages and now has over 10,000 posters for sale. .

Until now, the MPDB did NOT have its own URL address or a Home page. This has now changed. Visitors can now access the MPDB either through the LAMP site or through its own address, By creating its own URL and identity, we can increase our exposure as a "movie poster data base and archive" through the search engines. Since the two sites are integrated, maneuving from one to another will remain seamless.

Over the last four years, we have noticed a significant increase in visitors from countries outside of the United States. In fact, we have had logged visits from over 100 different countries from all corners of the globe. We have also noticed an increase in interest in international posters from collectors within the United States. Recognizing that the poster collecting community is worldwide, we have decided to add another integrated website dedicated to international movie posters.

The new International Site was designed to compile and research material for the top 45 POSTER PRODUCING COUNTRIES.

Each country is a section designed to provide information on:

  1.Complete poster size and general information
  2.General info about the country
  3.Monetary system and any alternates for poster collectors
  4.Shipping and postal information
  5.History of the movie industry for that country
  6.Studio production information
  7.Distribution information
  8.Censorship associations and their markings
  9.Movie ratings codes
10.Poster artists from that country
11.Other markings or associations that would be beneficial
12. Maps of the country with location of LAMP dealers on the map
13. LAMP dealers and suppliers that handle material for that country.

From the international site, visitors will be able to access the MPDB to see the movie poster images for that particular country, as well as all other countries.

It is our hope that the creation of these two new sites, fully integrated with the improved LAMP site, will increase our market exposure and bring more visitors into the LAMP family.

Other Changes

1. You'll notice that the LAMP-Main Home Page has changed to help streamline navigation.

2. With the worm hitting our servers in December, it destroyed the History Section.. So you'll notice a changing structure in the with additional articles, such as Industry Pioneers and more on early studios.

3. The worm also destroyed the Serial Poster Section. The individual pages are gone, but we are currently attaching the lists to our MPDB so the computer will automatically update records as we add more posters.

4. The opening of the hard to find VHS Video Section. Currently the link is on the LAMP Main Home Page, but soon an article with links will also be added.

For projected additions, see our 2004 End of the Year Report