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Our 9th Industry reference book

Poster & Assessories Number Log

National Screen Service dominated film posters and accessories from 1940 until 1989. AND most of the minor distributors that DIDN'T distribute their posters and accessories through NSS still had NSS PRINT them.


YOU can research through their distribution with
50 YEARS of control and influence
on the film industry at your fingertips

         Why is this so important as a research tool?

Unlike other hobbies like comics, stamps, or coins that have documented and detailed books about every single item ever issued in their hobby, movie posters HAVE NO ACCURATE DOCUMENTATION at all. The majority of the hobby for decades has had to rely on older dealers and collectors passing down bits and pieces of information of what they have learned. And while we owe a great deal to these hobby forefathers, a GREAT DEAL of information is being lost.

AS AN ALTERNATIVE, in the US film industry only ONE company DOMINATED the distribution of posters for the MAJORITY OF THE CENTURY. For the last half of the century, they controlled about 85 percent of the major studios distribution. And when they DIDN'T do the distribution for the independents and minor distributors, they were the PRINTERS for them because they were the only company set up to prepare and print the various particular sizes that the film industry required.

So having a recreation of the work logs, both of what THEY distributed AND what they PRINTED for other distributors literally gives you a blueprint of the US film industry for over 50 years.

NSS Poster & Assessories Number LogWe have combined 3 drastically different sources, each with their pros and cons plus an additional pass through filling in holes and adding important information, to make this the most accurate and reliable single source ever.

Book Details

The National Screen Service Poster & Assessories Number Log is arranged by year and contains over 20,000 NSS numbers.

The log also shows the distributor AND NSS specialty codes such as 3D, color features, Cinemascope, etc.


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