History of LAMP

Ownership beginnings

LAMP is owned by Ed and Susan Poole. We started collecting movie posters by accident in the mid 1970s. While at a flea market, we saw a half sheet for Gidget which was one of Sue's favorite movies. We bought the poster, not really realizing what it was. After learning a little, we started looking for posters on other favorites, but there were not very many around. If they had been plentiful, we probably wouldn't have persued it as much, but since they were a little hard to find, posters became a quest.

As we searched more, we started finding theater managers and collectors who wanted to sell groups instead of a single piece. Excited about the prospect of getting a group a lot cheaper, we started buying these collections so we could pick out the ones that we liked.. However, very soon we started getting duplicates and lots of posters that we didn't want so we decided to start selling off our excess posters.

As we started selling, we started learning that some of the items were not what they seemed. Numerous times we had purchased items believing the seller, only to find out a totally different story when we started to sell it. Frustrated at these deceptive sales, we started doing research for ourselves. The oddity was that as we started selling posters and sharing some of the research that we learned, we started finding out that a lot of dealers also had questions. More and more, we started providing information to collectors and dealers.

This slowly evolved into the publishing of our first book in 1997 called Collecting Movie Posters through MacFarland Publishers which was considered the first 'reference' book on the hobby.

At the time of the release of our book, we had a retail store in the largest mall in the area. Our store and inventory grew well until we had approximately 100,000 pieces in our inventory. The mall approached us to move to a larger store, which we did. In 2000, the mall approached to say that a national chain wanted our store and had offered a 10 year lease. Either match it, or move out. We had no alternative but to close our store and move out.


Sue and I were sitting around moping, when John Kisch asked us to write an online reference guide that was to become a part of his new online website Posterprice.com. Being writers and researchers at heart, we jumped at the chance to write more. After working on the project for a couple of months, we had assembled 200 pages of information and went back to present it to John. Unfortunately, John said that it was too much and he couldn't add that much to the website.. BUT if we would put it online, he would sponsor and promote it.

We decided that we wanted to create a place where collectors could come learn for themselves all different types of information and be able to do any associated research for themselves. We sold a large amount of our inventory for financing and worked another couple of months trying to learn how to layout and create a website. January 15, 2001 LAMP officially opened with a little over 200 pages of information. (It became the archive door on Posterprice.com which linked to LAMP)

Very soon after opening and adding more information we got our first outside sponsor... Bruce Hershenson. So we started with the 2 titans of the hobby as sponsors. We went the rest of the first YEAR without any other sponsors. By the end of 2001, we had 400 pages of information online and were overjoyed to have almost 10,000 visitors a month.

YEAR 2- 2002

During our 2nd year we decided that we wanted to tackle areas that were more difficult and were so large that they needed to be set up as continually growing sections. We created our articles into such areas as artists and studios. We started the impossible task of trying to track down ALL NSS numbers of the 44 years of NSS dominance.

We tried to create a manual list of US movies, but after numerous lists and a LOT of time, finally coming to the realization that we needed to create something a lot more massive to control such a huge amount of information. Also during the year, we were approached to release another book for a wider group of collectors.

By the end of our second year, the site had grown to almost 5000 pages of information and we almost quadrupled in traffic to close to 40,000 visitors a month. We had also gained several new sponsors to help offset the expenses of the site.

(During 2002 the following Dealers became Sponsors that are still with us: All-Time Movie Poster, Movie Poster Bargains, Bags Unlimited, Dominique Besson, Heritage Auctions, Hollywood Poster Frames, Movie Collectors World, Movie Art of Austin, Movie Art GmbH, Musicman, Movie Posters, Precision Restoration, Quadbod, Poster Conservation, Studio C.

YEAR 3 - 2003

We expanded our reference section to over 6500 pages. We introduced sections like: Minor Studios and Early Studios, Lithographers and International Artists.

During our 3rd year, we released our 2nd reference book (Learn About Movie Posters) through Iguide Publishers. (Sponsors of our reference book were: Movie Art of Austin, Heritage Auction, Bruce Hershenson, Vintage Film Posters, FilmPosters.net, Cinema Books, Dominique Besson, Bags Unlimited, Fontaine on Linen, Wall2WallMovies.com, Remember When Shop, Precision Restoration, Quadbod, Poster Treasures, Cinema Icons, Studio C, Sothebys, Cine Art Gallery, Reel Poster Gallery, French Movie Posters, Igor Edelman Restoration, Nostalgia Factory, MoviePosters.com, Movie Collectors World, Movie Art Gmbh, Funny Face Productions, Hollywood Canteen, Cinemonde, Bill Cole Enterprises, Hollywood Poster Frames)

We spent 10 months developing a program to list movie titles and cross reference each with our reference site. It is actually 19 databases tied together into one master database. We loaded the lists of movies that we had compiled and set up a demo in August. By the end of the year, we had loaded our new Movie Poster DataBase(MPDB) with 87,000 titles and 13,000 images.

We wanted to extend our concept of a 'safe' area for collectors over into our database. So we created the LAMP Approved Logo and a No Misrepresentation Agreement for dealers to sign, to make sure that dealers that would come on our site would be reputable. Then we created programming that would allow reputable dealers to attach their posters for sale to individual poster images in the MPDB and link them back to their website. Then collectors looking at the images would be able to directly contact a reputable dealer that had the poster for themselves.

By the end of the 3rd year we had tracked approx. 1.2 million visitors for the year.

(During 2003 the following Dealer became Sponsors for our website that are still with us: French Movie Posters, Channing Lyle Thompson, the Cinema Trade, Funny Face Productions, Original Posters, the Poster Mint, Unshredded Nostalgia, Poster Planet, Kinoart, Amazing 3rd Planet.

YEAR 4 - 2004

It was ANOTHER unbelievable expansion year... to highlight some of the major accomplishments:

1. We expanded our reference section to over 7500 pages, added such articles as: Benton Card Co., Legends, Morgan Litho log and dozens of early and minor film companies in the History Section. We also expanded many articles such as: Framing, Black Cast and added hundreds of Artists and NSS numbers.

2. We introduced the concepts of LAMP Approved Online Auction Dealers, Poster Restoration Code and the Poster Restoration Certificate

3. We added over 1500 titles to the Movie Poster DataBase AND added almost 20,000 images.

4. We introduced a variety of new additions to the MPDB which includes showing Directors, Production and Distribution Companies, reissue dates for the film, and aka breakdowns.

5. We created and divided off LAMP-InternationalMoviePosters.com for research on the 45 top poster producing countries around the world and created LAMP-MoviePosterDatabase.com. The framework is fully in place and have started filling in data.

6. We created a network of Dealers Maps for each state in the US AND all 45 countries to show a wide variety of information for collectors. This framework would allow us to start attaching information within each state or country such as museums, poster exhibits, locations of LAMP dealers, etc.

We tracked approx. 1.6 million visitors to LAMP from over 100 different countries..

(During 2004 the following Dealer became Sponsors for our website: Cinemasterpieces, Film Art Gallery, Miscellaneous Man, Posterworld (Paul Hein), Intemporel, Spotlight Displays, Big Pix, ZW Posters.

YEAR 5 - 2005

The first quarter of the 5th year started off with a BANG..

We had already modified the MPDB to breakoff the pages to allow us to show more posters on a title without slowing down the page.

Because of the new International Section.. we loaded original movie titles from European countries into the MPDB. We grew to over 101,000 titles and had over 35,000 images in the MPDB.

We introduced a new GENERIC Section. which is basically 6 new databases tied together to partially interlock with the MPDB. These new sections created a holding place to let our dealers list their entire inventory into a waiting area of the MPDB. This lets collectors know what they have even though it's not pictured yet.

This expansion ALSO allowed a dealer to attach ANY movie oriented item... such as trailers, VHS tapes, clothing, toys.... ANY movie oriented item... We signed our first video and DVD dealers....

JULY 4th, we installed our final structure (hopefully) to allow growth and expansion for many years to come.

We divided LAMP into 7 websites....


During the summer, we had extensive growth in the new Generic Section and by August we had matched the number of for sale that were in the regular Archive Section (pictured). This brought the For Sale total to over 25,000 in our database.

The last week of August brought Hurricane Katrina, which hit the area that we live. We evacuated and stayed in a hotel in Austin, Texas for a month until we could move closer to our damaged home. We were finally able to move back into our home on November 18th. Even though we were not able to do any work on LAMP, the websites continued to operate normally. The only difference was that we were not able to add or update the sites.

December brought a little expansion and more problems. We found out that with the last expansion, we had become too large for our current host and had to look for new hosting facilities.

So a lot of progress was made during this year, but also a lot of delays and problems. We ended 2005 with 118,170 movie titles listed, 43,383 images online and over 30,000 posters for sale. To make it worse, by the end of the year, we lost a dozen sponsors.

(During 2005 the following Dealer became Sponsors: Weatherking, Yazoo Mills, Sinister Cinema, Movie Poster Service, Thanhouser.

YEAR 6 - 2006

We started off the year in a little chaos, trying to recuperate from moving the sites AND Hurricane Katrina, BUT traffic on the sites continued to grow. We started moving the site and found that they didn't have all the amenities that we needed so we had to stop and find another host. We finally found one and moved to our new location with 80 gigabytes of online space. We finished the actual move of LAMP on January 12th. We normally would have been celebrating our 5th anniversary but we put if off until March 1. From Jan. 12th until Feb 11th we had a little over 257,000 visitors, so we were extremely happy that growth continued in spite of the move.

For our 5th anniversary, we added a new variety of icons to our database to help in the initial search. We initially had the icon to show when we had poster images. We added icons to show.. posters for sale in the archive, posters for sale not pictured, commercials for sale, videos for sale, dvds for sale, electronics for sale, toys for sale and novelties for sale.

We struggled with fighting insurance companies and contractors on our house, but actually used LAMP as a type of getaway. So we added 1000s of images and numerous articles. Doing research for LAMP became our therapy.

During the end of 2006, we started a new massive project we named the Dealers Market. This project is to have a massive number of posters both for sale AND auction results to give an accurate indication of the market.

(During 2006 the following Dealer became Sponsors: L'Imagerie Gallery, Posteropolis, Tough Guys, Cinema Retro.

YEAR 7 - 2007

Year 7 was extremely difficult for us. With so much personal loss from Hurricane Katrina, we had battled continuously during 2006 with the insurance companies and contractors. 2007 was a continuation of that battle. We finally gave up and settled for partial restoration of our house with the remaining of the repairs to be done a little at a time out of our pocket.

Besides the battles at home, we encoutered a mass amount of information theft from our website. This wound up in a legal battle trying to secure LAMP. Upon stopping the bulk theft, we tried to formally copyright the website, only to find out that it was too large to copyright. We were instructed to break the site into smaller pieces, which is why we broke off the individual countries and some sections. Then finally in May we officially became incorporated as Learn About Network, L.L.C. We also started acquiring domain names to help with the breakup of the site. We changed the name of the database/archive to CinemaPosterArchive.com

In January, 2007, we released a new 800 page book from our Dealers Market project containing 60,000 posters with prices and conditions for sale by LAMP Dealers. This was a test in written form and the foundation for the online version. The size alone indicates that this has to continue as an online version for it would be too costly of a set of books to continue printing. We presented the Dealers Market book at the shows. (Sponsors of our Dealers Market book were: Amazing 3rd Planet, Big Pix, Channing Lyle Thomson, CineMasterpieces, Dominique Besson, ds|onesheets, emovieposter.com, Film Art Gallery, French Movie Posters, Harry Keaton's, Intemporel, Kinoart, Klauer *Kollectibles, L'Imagerie Gallery, Linders Auctions, Miscellaneous Man, Movie Art of Austin, Movie Art GmbH, MoviePosters.com, Movie Poster Service, Original Poster, Posteropolis, PosterPlanet.net, Posterworld, Quadbod, Thanhouser, the Cinema Trade, the Poster Mint, Tough Guys, Unshredded Nostalgia, Weatherking, ZW Movie Posters, Funny Face, Poster Conservation, Poster Science, Precision Restoration, Studio C, Bags Unlimited, Hollywood Poster Frames, Spotlight Displays, Yazoo Mills, Heritage Auction, Movie Collectors World, Sinister Cinema)

Also during the first of the year, we wanted to reach out to collectors more and decided to try some conventions. We did 2 conventions where we set up and demostrated LAMP (Feb. in L.A. and May at Cinevent). Both were extremely successful and showed us several areas that we thought needed addressing. Main neglected issues we found were: information on stills, information on international posters, large images, and a reliable price guide.

We continued breaking apart and expanding the country sites, working on the online Dealers Market project and added a new print project, US Movie Studio Production Codes, which we learned from the shows was an area with no information available. We believe the industry needs to do more research and hopefully this would spearhead it. We released the Production Codes book in September and received rave reviews from stills dealers. The Production Code book has 20,000 production codes from major studios to help collectors identify unknown production stills. (Sponsors of our reference book were: French Movie Posters, All Time Movie Posters, Movie Poster Bargains, Ashfault's Classic Movies, Bags Unlimited, Big Pix, emovieposter.com, Channing Lyle Thomson, Intemporel, Cinemagic, Cinema Retro, Cinemasterpieces, Cinevent, Comic-Art Gallery, Czech Film Posters, Dominique Besson, Erdie Industries, Film Art Gallery, Funny Face Productions, Heritge Auction, Hollywood Poster Frames, Julien's Auctions, Kinoart, L'Imagerie Gallery, Memorabilia Mine, Miscellaneous Man, Move Art GmbH, Movie Art of Austin, Movie Collectors World, Movie Poster Bid, Movie Poster Service, Movieposters.com, MusicMan, Original Posters, Poster Conservation, Poster Science, Posteropolis, Poster Planet, Posterworld, Precision Restoration, Quadbod, Sinister Cinema, Spotlight Displays, Studio C, Thanhouser, the Cinema Trade, the Poster Mint, Tough Guys, Unshredded Nostalgia, Vintage Movie Memorabilia, Weatherking, Yazoo Mills, Z W Movie Posters)

Also our shining spot in September was the birth of our grand daughter Brooke.

During the summer, we had several negative encounters with Wikipedia with people continually stealing our information and putting it on Wikipedia. This led to the decision to create a Members area that could be protected and where more advanced information could be safely placed online and shared with LAMP Members and Sponsors. We also created the LAMP Navigator to help dealers and collectors find what they are looking for easier. AND we institued a program in our archive for larger images and a new system for reporting FAKES.

The end of the year had us doing programming to finish the online Dealers Market, membership area and we added a new project, a book about International Movie Posters, with extensive breakdown on 28 countries.

(During 2007 the following Dealers became Sponsors: C V Treasures, Comic-art Gallery, Movie Poster Bid, A Movie Masterpiece, Memorabilia Mine, Posterscience, Cinemagic, Czech Film Posters, Erdie Industries, Ashfault's Classic, Vintage Movie Memorabilia.

YEAR 8 - 2008

As 2008 starts, we have a huge amount of additions for our 7th anniversary online, the Collecting International Movie Posters book in the process of being released and 3 shows already booked. It looks like the beginning of a massive expansion year.....

We tried our best to get the online Dealers Market working for the January Anniversary, but every time we turned it on, it would turn something in the archive off, so we have to keep trying. We instituted new Video Tutorials to help everyone find information easier and show how to do more advanced search in the archive.

In February, Sue's mother (who has lived with us since 1981 when her father died) was put into the hospital with heart problems. This was only a short stay but it lead to pneumonia which then led to her being in ICU for 6 weeks and then on a breathing machine for several more weeks. Sue had to be at her bedside each day while I tried to maintain the website. This also caused us to cancels our scheduled shows to try to catch up and get everything under control.

We tried again to get the Dealers Market online but again there were too many problems attaching it to the archive. We finally gave up. Both programs are too massive and too complicated to intertwine. To accomplish the joining we will have to start from scratch and build both programs from the ground floor already together. This would be too difficult right now so we will just post the For Sale data and leave the rest for a later project.

Instead of printing the International book ourselves, we had planned for this book to be available on a wider scale.  So after finishing it, we sent it off to a printer to create a more professional book. We then began work on several advanced research projects on French Printers, Visa de Censure numbers and Belgian tax stamps.

To help bring in more support as we expand, I had accepted the job as expert witness on a couple of major lawsuits. This caused some indepth study into the creation and distribution of posters that revealed some surprising information. So after I sent of the International book to the printers, I began compiling some of the research that I uncovered and wrote a quick study on the Legality of US Movie Posters.

We were then confronted with a pleasant surprise that the Production Code book suddenly experienced an increase from several major academic facilities (including several universities, film institutes and the Library of Congress). This caused us to change our thinking and move the Production Code book to consider it an annual publication, so we started compiling new numbers that we had acquired in preparation of the release of a 2008 Edition.

As we were trying to finish up on the new Production Code book, we were hit with a major problem. A sample for our International book came in... and it was HORRIBLE!!. Fuzzy images and print.. We had to completely redo the book. After some discussion, we felt that if we had to redo the book, then why not add some of the advanced research that we had just completed. So we added about 40 pages to the book.

In August, as we were being reminded of Hurricane Katrina, we had to evacuate for a week for Hurricane Gustav, which was frustrating .  Then a couple of weeks later we were brushed by Hurricane Ike. Luckily, Ike just grazed us and only caused power outages and no major damage.  It went on to hit Houston.

We continued with reworking the Internatnional book and decided that the cover was not good enough, so we changed it... THEN we thought.. we ought to change the name as well. So the NEW book became Learn About International Movie Posters instead. We finished the reworking and sent it BACK off to the printer again. EXCEPT... our printer was located in Houston and their office had been totally destroyed. They were trying to set up a branch office and was backlogged.

The end of October, we released the new 2008 Production Code book with 22,000 production codes. (Sponsors of this book were: French Movie Posters; All Time Movie Posters; CheapMoviePosterFrames.com; Channing Posters; Bags Unlimited; Big Picture; eMoviePoster.com; MovieArt of Austin; Cinema Retro; Intemporel Galleries; Movie Poster Bid; Comi-Art & Graffix Gallery; Czech Film Posters; Cinevent; CineMasterpieces; Unshredded Nostalgia; Dominique Besson; Erdie Industries; Funny Face Productions; Movieposters.com; Heritage Auction Galleries; Hollywood Poster Frames; Julien's Auction; Kinoart; Movie Poster Page; Yazoo Mills; L'Imagerie Gallery; MovieArt GmbH; Miscellaneous Man; Memorabilia Mine; Movie Poster Service; Original Poster; Poster Conservation; Conway's Vintage Treasures; PosterPlanet.net; Posterworld; Precision Restoration; Posterscience; Quadbod; Amazing 3rd Planet; Studio Conservation; Sinister Cinema; Spotlight Displays; Reel Art; Movie Posters, Inc. The Cinema Trade; FilmArt Gallery; Zane Warner Posters; Posteropolis; Thanhouser Company Film Preservation; Movie Collector's World; John Reid Vintage Movie Memorabilia; Tough Guys Movie Posters; Masterpiece Editions;)

We received the new sample of the International book and after a couple of more small changes, it was ok'ed for print. We received our first samples Dec. 24th., too late for Christmas and in the middle of the holidays which was the worst time of year to try to announce anything. (Sponsors of our International book were: Spotlight Displays; Movie Poster Page; Czech Film Posters; Kinoart; French Movie Posters; Dominique Besson; Weatherking; MovieArt GmbH; Miscellaneous Man; Mr. Poster; Bags Unlimited; Unshredded Nostalgia; Zan Warner Posters; L'Imagerie Gallery; At the Movies; A Movie Masterpiece; Quadbod; Posters & Stuff; Sc-FiMoviePosters.co.uk; Cinema Retro; Movie Posters, Inc; Heritage Auction Galleries; Movie Poster Bid; Masterpiece Editions; Femmes Fatales & Fantasies Art Museum & Gallery; Hollywood Poster Frames; Amazing 3rd Planet; Comic-Art & Graffix Gallery; CineMasterpieces; Cinevent; Memorabilia Mine; Poster Conservation; Yazoo Mills; and Poster Fix;)

So our chaotic year..ended...chaotic.

(During 2008 the following Dealer became Sponsors that are still with us: Movie Posters Inc.; Bloody Rare Posters; Femmes Fatales & Fantasies Art Museum & Gallery; Wonderful World of Movies; Jay Parrino's the Mint; Reel Art; CheapMoviePosterFrames.com; Julien's Auction;

YEAR 9 - 2009

Well, it's beginning with a bang! Our new Learn About International Movie Posters book is just getting out and for our 8th Anniversary (January 15th) we opened websites on Argentina, Denmark and Japan including a new Eiren Mark Log. We also opened a new section on Movie Production Stills with a new Additions Log. We reworked the layout on the UK site and the bookstore and expanded the Central Members Area. One oddity that I've began to notice is the unusual makeup of the LAMP Members.

We were contacted by a major syndication that inquired about us putting together a research site geared to the academic community. They supplied resources to universities and museums and saw the potential of specialized research. We said that we had wanted to clean up and expand our member and advance research areas anyway, so we began laying out plans for a more streamlined research area.

While we were creating the new Production Stills section, we had to utilize our Production Code book a LOT. We realized the limitations (of only 13 US studios & the time looking through the index) so we decided to take the additional 3000 production codes that we had compiled that had been left out of the US Production Code book and create a new Production Code book that was more user friendly, allowed production codes from minor studios, AND a faster format to eliminate all the searching through the index. So in April, we released our new 2009 Movie Studio Production Logs that was 25,000 production codes, faster format AND CHEAPER. (Sponsors of this book were: Dominique Besson; Cinema Affiche; Movieposters.com; Vintage Stills; Comic Art & Graffix Gallery; Memorabilia Mine; Bags Unlimited; Movie Poster Service; MovieArt Austin; eMoviePoster; Poster Planet; CV Treasures; Poster World; Cinema Retro; Intemporel Gallery; MoviePosterBid.com; Cinemasterpieces; Unshredded Nostalgia; All Time Movie Posters; Kinoart; Movie Poster Page; Yazoo Mills; L'Imagerie Gallery; MovieArt.ch; Femmes Fatales & Fantasies; Original Poster; Poster Conservation; Precision Restoration; Quadbod; Poster Science; Amazing 3rd Planet; Studio C; Sinister Cinema; Spotlight Displays; Movie Posters, Inc.; Cheap Movie Poster Frames; Masterpiece Editions; The Cinema Trade; FilmArt Gallery; ZW Movie Posters; Posteropolis; A Movie Masterpiece; Movie Collectors World; Vintage Movie Memorabilia; Tough Guys Movie Posters; Channing Posters; Bloody Rare Posters; Simon Dwyer; Ashfault's Classic Movies; Czech Film Posters; Cinevent; Miscellaneous Man; Big Picture Movie Posters; Erdie Industries; Runny Face Productions; Hollywood Poster Frames; Julien's Auctions; Terry Posters; Thanhouser Company Film Preservation; French Movie Posters; Heritage Auctions;)

While we were working on the new production code book, we negotiated to acquire an National Screen Service inventory list that was printed in 1999, the year before NSS closed. Once we had acquired the data and looked over it, it included some great data but left far too many holes and problems to be able to make a very comprehensive compilation. So, we decided to wait on the NSS compilation and turned attention to one of our pet projects which was compiling the Silent Studio Directory. We knew that this was an area that REALLY needed a lot of work and began compiling information that we had found on over 3000 silent studios from around the world.

As the Silent Studio Directory began taking shape, we stubbled across a major find. We were able to find and acquire the 1962 NSS Master Log. We analysed the NSS Master Log which ran from 1930 to 1962 and there was about 15,000 numbers. We then analysed the 1999 NSS inventory list to find it also had about 15,000 numbers. We then looked over the years that we had compiled NSS numbers from directly off the posters.... and THERE was about 15,000 numbers. We thought that by combining and sorting out all the information, what a GREAT research tool that would make! BUT WOW... what a TREMENDOUS amount of work. Was the task WORTH committing that much time and energy. After some thought, we felt that this would be extremely important to both the hobby and the film industry..... so we sidelined the Silent Studio compilation and tackled another seamingly impossible task.

While compiling on the NSS project was being done, we also continued expanding articles and cleaning up the on member and advanced research material. In the summer of 2009, we opened the first section of Global Cinema, which we had designated as our new academic research site. Our first section in Global Cinema was a Production Stills section that gave a tremendous amount of information about production stills in a presentation format and included specialty logs and all the information in our production code books.

As we finished our first pass through on compiling all the NSS information, we came to the realization that..... there was just TOO MUCH information. It was more than could be put into a single book. In addition, some of the information was too specialized concerning trailers and had no real bearing on the posters. So we made the decision to divide the project into 2 books... one on trailers and one on posters. This way we could present all of this great information without having to 'cull' some out.

In September, we released our 8th reference book, National Screen Service Trailer Logs, a compilation of 15,085 NSS trailer numbers covering 1930 through 1962, with additional NSS coding and distributors. (Sponsors of this book were: Dominique Besson; Cinema Affiche; Movieposters.com; Vintage Stills; Comic Art & Graffix Gallery; Memorabilia Mine; Bags Unlimited; Movie Poster Service; MovieArt Austin; eMoviePoster; Poster Planet; CV Treasures; Poster World; Cinema Retro; Intemporel Gallery; MoviePosterBid.com; Cinemasterpieces; Unshredded Nostalgia; All Time Movie Posters; Kinoart; Movie Poster Page; Yazoo Mills; L'Imagerie Gallery; MovieArt.ch; Femmes Fatales & Fantasies; Original Poster; Poster Conservation; Precision Restoration; Quadbod; Poster Science; Amazing 3rd Planet; Studio C; Sinister Cinema; Spotlight Displays; Movie Posters, Inc.; Cheap Movie Poster Frames; Masterpiece Editions; The Cinema Trade; FilmArt Gallery; ZW Movie Posters; Posteropolis; A Movie Masterpiece; Movie Collectors World; Vintage Movie Memorabilia; Tough Guys Movie Posters; Channing Posters; Bloody Rare Posters; Simon Dwyer; Ashfault's Classic Movies; Cinevent; Miscellaneous Man; Big Picture Movie Posters; Erdie Industries; Funny Face Productions; Hollywood Poster Frames; Julien's Auctions; Terry Posters; Thanhouser Company Film Preservation; French Movie Posters; Heritage Auctions;)

We then continued compiling for the poster book that we scheduled for our 9th anniversary.

As we released our Trailer Logs book, the industry was hit with the largest fake scandal EVER! Even though we already felt stretched to the limits with trying to hold everything together, expand on membership, keep up LAMP AND finish the NSS poster book, we also felt that SOMEONE had to keep track and report on this catastrophe that was bound to have a DEVASTATING effect on the hobby. With Sue having over 20 years as an executive legal secretary and access to the legal system, we felt compelled to start a new section on keeping track and reporting on this type of problems.

The holidays felt almost overwhelming with the addition of the fakes problems and their time consumption, bad economy and dealers struggling, and continuous need for new equipment, more time, more money and more energy.

YEAR 10 - 2010

January 15th, our 9th Anniversary online and we present our 9th reference book... National Screen Service Poster & Accessories Number Log. 50 years of NSS poster numbers. In addition, we have put online the new National Screen Service Section in Global Cinema.