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Barnegat, NJ - Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Scrooge McDuck, Fred
Flintstone and many other favorite cartoon characters will be visiting
Unshredded Nostalgia in the heart of historic Barnegat this fall. Beginning
Saturday, Nov. 29, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., shop owner and noted collector
Jim Episale is inviting the community to learn more about collecting
animation art and to spend some time remembering their favorite cartoon

The special exhibition will consist of original and limited edition cels,
movie posters, photographs and model sheets from inventory and private
collections. Cels are the plastic sheets upon which animated characters are
painted. Limited edition cels are ones which were created to stand alone as
artistic representations. Therefore, some are even signed by the artist and
are highly collectible, Episale said.

Unshredded Nostalgia will unveil the animation art as the latest exhibit in
its metropolitan-style gallery area. Just last month, Episale featured
numerous original movie, television and stage posters spanning the past 60
years. All visitors will also be able to browse selected items from that
acclaimed showing, as well as Unshredded Nostalgia's inventory of over
250,000 rare, unique and unusual items in the store's just completed
expansion. Be sure to visit this colorful and fun-for-all-ages exhibition
before Episale has to say "That's all Folks!"

Episale holds a special fondness for genuine animation art. As he puts it,
"In many ways, animation art can be viewed as heirlooms. I don't think that
there are many things that family members of several generations can share,
but I think that a love of cartoons is one of them. Collectors of animation
art run the gamut in terms of ages. I know collectors who are senior
citizens, and those who buy for their newborn children. It certainly
qualifies as a full family pastime," he said.

Since 1978, Unshredded Nostalgia has offered a treasure trove of desirable
and highly collectible array of 17th through 20th century antiques,
collectibles, paper and advertising items -- including over 2,000 historical
documents, thousands of photo archives depicting Hollywood celebrities,
musicians of all genres, sports legends and world leaders. Other items
include first edition books, classic magazines, legal and illegal casino
memorabilia, antique jewelry, glassware and collector dolls.

"I've been collecting since I was a teenager. It's in my genes," Episale
said. "My specialty is paper and advertising collectibles, but I really
enjoy sharing the excitement of finding just the right items for my
customers -- locating, researching and identifying items of a lost
generation, identifying and preserving them for generations to come."

Collectors, browsers and the Ocean County community are invited to view this
highly entertaining and informative exhibition located at Unshredded
Nostalgia, 323 S. Main St. (Route 9) in Barnegat, NJ. A special public
reception and sale will be held on Saturday, Nov. 29, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The exhibition will remain on display through January, 2004.


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Unshredded Nostalgia
323 south main st Route 9
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