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Gene Arnold, owner of, began collecting movie posters as a hobby in 1965. He was attending a comic book convention in Dallas that summer, when a young man wandered into the Hotel Convention room passing out free
lobby cards.

Gene remembers that young man, Corky Duncan, giving him a "Fighting 69th" lobby card and handing him his business card from "Duncan Poster Exchange."
He followed Corky a couple of blocks away to an old building in downtown Dallas.

On the second floor there were six rooms filled to the rafters with movie posters, lobby cards and stills. The posters were so little thought of, at that time, that they would fall to the floor from the overflowing shelves and no one bothered to pick them up. Instead, they were simply stepped upon and, when damaged, thrown into the trash cans.

All posters were 50 cents each and all lobby cards were 25 cents each, regardless of title. Gene bought $5 worth of posters that day and he was hooked. He'd return to Dallas every few months and buy more and more, until the exchange closed it's doors.

After years of collecting, he turned his hobby into a business.

After purchasing "Film Favorites" in Canton, Oklahoma, he decided to move the business to Houston in 1993. He changed the name to "Arnold Movie Poster Company" and then a few years later to "" as the internet came along.

The business is now in Tomball, Texas, just outside of Houston. Gene's son, Mark, and Son-in-Law, Rob Gasper work with him. They have their hands full as they sell, across the U.S.A. and around the world, thousands of original movie posters and reprints of classic titles.

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1423 Neal Drive
Tomball, Texas 77375
Phone: 281-516-9000
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