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Channing Lyle Thomson
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With a degree in Music from Arizona State University/Tempe and almost 20 years experience with movie posters, Channing has seen and participated in about every level of collecting.

In 1984, Channing became General Manager of Cinemonde in San Francisco. Beside the fun of handling rare movie posters, he also helped create the first fully illustrated catalogs of movie posters when he co-wrote and edited the first major catalog for Cinemonde/San Francisco in 1984.

He was also involved in creating live auctions for Camden House, Executive Investments, Odyssey Auctions and Sothebys during his tenure at Cinemonde.

Channing became a Sothebys Associate for 2 years.

His experience has covered other activities such as creating a poster calendar, sitting on a museum panel, and contributing images for publication.

All this variation only gives more experience as a major dealer in vintage movie posters.

Take a look at the great selection in the database AND be sure to visit Channing's website.

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Channing Lyle Thomson
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