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Egyptian Movie Poster Sizes

Here's the most common sizes for Egyptian movie posters:

24 x 35 inches - the standard size before the early 60's

27.5 x 39 inches - became the standard from the 60's until the current even though some recently have listed 27 x 40.

32x43 - A slightly larger size that was used until the mid 1960s. It was normally used for the initial release only.

39 x 63 inches - called the Egyptian 2 sheet. This size varies from 63-70 inches in length and is used to cover larger spaces outside

68 x 137 inches - the standard size for the Egyptian billboard which is extremely popular.

Now vinyl banners are replacing regular banners and billboards.

Lobby Cards

Egyptian Lobby Cards (kartonat) are assembled by hand and made in small quantities and can be issued in any number. Shown below is a set of 4.

image courtesy of John Green

They consist of a heavy 13" x 19" card with printed theme art and a still photograph from the film in color or black and white mounted on the card.

Cards with a revenue stamp attached indicates that the card was displayed outside the theater where the film was shown. Cards displayed inside the theater do not necessarily have revenue stamps.

Here's a street in Cairo showing the use of billboards there..... notice.. the billboard center bottom.... Star Wars!!!!



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