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LAMP's 5th ANNIVERSARY officially opened on the worldwide web on January 15, 2001, with a little over 200 pages of reference information. We had two outside sponsors -- John Kisch of Poster Price Almanac and Bruce Hershenson of By the end of our first year, we had 400 pages of information online and were overjoyed to have almost 10,000 visitors a month.

During the past five years, we have significantly increased the reference section, added the LAMP Movie Poster Data Base (MPDB), LAMP-Movie Poster Artists, LAMP - International Movie Posters, LAMP-Movie Poster History and the LAMP-Movie Video Data Base.

The Movie Poster Data Base, initially created to archive movie poster images, was expanded to allow LAMP approved dealers to list posters they had for sale next to archived images in the MPDB.. We expanded this to include items that were NOT YET ARCHIVED/ PICTURED in the Data Base, thereby allowing our dealers to put their entire inventories in the MPDB. It also allows other non-poster items as well, such as videos, novelties, electronics, etc. We ended 2005 with 118,170 movie titles listed, 43,383 images online and over 30,000 posters for sale.

We are now averaging between 8-9,000 visitors each day, approximately 250,000 per month.

We have a number of programs planned for the year 2006, including new search icons to assist in finding what collectors need. (More details follow).

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In honor of our fifth anniversary, we are offering several great cost-saving Sponsor and Dealer programs for anyone wanting to become part of the LAMP family.

There are programs available for every size business -- from business listings, announcement bars, listings in the database and several advertising programs.

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The MPDB currently has approximately 14,000 items for sale listed in our Image Archived Section, and over 15,000 in the new Additional Posters and other Speciality Items sections. In order to simplify the search when collectors are looking for particular items, we have added a series of icons that are reflected on the initial Search Results Page once a movie title has been entered into the Search Box.

The following icons indicate that there are items for sale in these categories:

For a complete breakdown on how to effectively use the Movie Poster Data Base, click HERE.



We have now added a special LAMP ANNOUNCEMENT BAR which will include special announcements involving LAMP and its Sponsors and Dealers. This Announcement Bar can be found on the home pages of LAMP and all of the related sites: LAMP-Movie Poster Data Base, LAMP-Movie Studio History, LAMP-International Movie Posters, and LAMP-Movie Poster Artists. Click on the Announcement Bar to access the Announcement Page which gives details for each of the announcements.



It was six months ago that Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region -- passing within just 30 miles of our home. While we are still staying in the news, many people understand that what they see on television is not always the story.

We are constantly asked how things are going down here. I have updated my Katrina Report on Susie's Corner to bring everyone up-to-date on how this area stands six months post-Katrina and our recent Mardi Gras celebration. You can read our report HERE.



Movie Poster Bid, the movie posters only auction site, has now changed management. Richard Halegua of Comic Art is now the proud owner of this great auction site, created by J.R. Schumacher two years ago. Richard has announced that "[T}he site will continue to operate as it has been operating. There will be no listing fees and the only charges will be commissions & featured auctions." "Absolutely nothing will change from the way JR was operating the site.. except I plan on adding features to the site including reactivating the
buy-it-now function which will be called "I'll Take It!".

In addition, Richard will be advertising in Big Reel, Classic Images, MCW and other pubs as well as getting sponsor links on other websites.

For more information about the future of this site, you can email Richard at richie@COMIC-ART.COM.

We would like to commend J.R. for the great job he has done in creating and operating this great auction site for the past two years. J.R. is a great asset to the poster community and hope that we continue to see his input on a regular basis.


The Essential Guide to Movies
of the 60's & 70's

ISSUE No4 of Cinema REtro is now available.

Don’t miss out on the new film magazine that everyone is talking about.

This is a MUST magazine for fans of 60's and 70's movies. For info on how you can get your copy, visit



Happy 11th Birthday/Anniversary to MOPO, the internet's FIRST Movie Poster Discussion Group. MOPO was formed by Scott Burns on February 24, 1995 with a grand total of 11 members. Our congratulations and thanks to Scott for all the "blood, sweat and tears" that he has put into MOPO.

For more information on MOPO and how you can become a member, visit Scott's website HERE.



03/15 - Christie's Vintage Fil Posters Auction.

03/17- Heritage Auction Rare Movie Poster Signature Auction

03/25-26 - The NEC Memorabilia Show Birmingham, UK. Be sure to visit these LAMP dealers:



March 2006 Rare Movie Poster Signature Auction

Heritage Auction Galleries will offer several rare and desirable Mickey Mouse one-sheet posters in their upcoming Signature Auction, to be held March 17 and 18, 2006 in Dallas, TX.

"Other than the iconic paper from the classic horror films of the 1930's, some of the most sought-after posters in this hobby are the Mickey Mouse cartoon one sheets created by United Artists from 1932 to 1933," said Grey Smith, Director of Vintage Movie Poster Auctions for Heritage. "United Artists produced thirteen individual Mickey Mouse one sheets before they went to a stock format from late 1933 to 1937. These thirteen one sheets are considered by many to be among the 'Holy Grails' of the hobby."

"One of the best of these posters," Smith continued, "Mickey's Nightmare was also the first, released in August 1932. When United Artists took over distribution of Disney's cartoons they decided to produce a full color one sheet as opposed to the duo-tone sheets produced by Columbia. Some collectors feel that Mickey's Nightmare is the best of these because Mickey is shown not once, but nine times on the poster."

"Adding to the desirability of this magnificent one sheet is the fact that there are only two copies of this poster known to exist," Smith said. "This is the better of the two copies and has been placed on linen to conserve it for future generations to enjoy. Heritage is proud to offer this spectacular poster that will appeal to collectors of Disneyana, movie posters, animation and Americana. What more could you want?"

"In addition to Mickey's Nightmare," Smith continued, "we're also proud to offer a stunning one sheet for the Mickey Mouse short The Mad Doctor, considered by many to be even rarer and more desirable than Nightmare. The Mad Doctor, made in 1933, is rife with references to Universal's classic monster films, from The Old Dark House to Frankenstein. One of the last one sheets that United Artists would issue for an individual cartoon, we know of only one other copy of this poster in existence and the condition of that copy is reportedly far, far lesser than the stunning example offered here."

"Of course, there's plenty more where those came from for the passionate Disney collector," Smith said. "From the only known copy of 1937's Hawaiian Holiday with Mickey and Donald 'hanging ten' and a lovely poster for Donald's Garden from 1942, to such classics as Dumbo, represented here in a beautiful insert from 1941 and a lovely one-sheet from 1953's Peter Pan, this is an auction that no Disneyphile will want to miss!"

Mickey's Nightmare one-sheet carries a pre-auction estimate of $40,000 - $50,000. The Mad Doctor has a pre-auction estimate of $60,000 - $80,000.

In addition to the great Disney posters, also being offered for sale are:

The Cameraman starring Buster Keaton (MGM, 1928). One Sheet (27" X 41")

The Black Pirate starring Douglas Fairbanks (United Artists, 1926). One Sheet (27" X 41")

Mutts To You starring Moe, Larry and Curly (Columbia, 1938). One Sheet (27" X 41").

Order a catalog for this sale by calling Heritage 's Customer Service, at 800-872-6467, ext 272, 3500 Maple Avenue, 17th Floor, Dallas, TX 75219 or visit their website at



In honor of this Sunday's Academy Awards, Channing has put together a sale of original movie posters and lobby cards focussed around the Academy Awards. Here are ten "Oscar" questions that deserve answers (and the answers are in the individual listings in Channing's EBAY Store):
1) What is the mystery surrounding the 1941 Special Effects nomination for The Sea Wolf?

2) What film rivaled The Color Purple for most nominations and zero wins?

3) What was the first film to receive a writing nomination (yes, he has something for sale on it)?

4) What Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece received only a couple of technical nominations and no wins?

5) What brilliant, visionary, science-fiction classic was not even nominated for Best Picture?

6) What piece of science fiction mastery lost for Best Visual Effects to ET?

7) Elmer Bernstein's magnificent score to The Magnificent Seven lost to which of the following: The Alamo (Dimitri Tiomkin), Exodus (Ernest Gold), Elmer Gantry (Andre Previn), or Spartacus (Alex North)?

8) The Best Song of 1943 was You'll Never Know from Hello, Frisco, Hello. What incredibly famous song was not even nominated that year?

9) What film brought Oscar nominations to the writing/directing team of John Steinbeck and Alfred Hitchcock?

10 What major 1961 film collaboration between John Huston, Arthur Miller, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach, Thelma Ritter, Marilyn Monroe, and Andre Previn received not a single Academy Award nomination?
For the answers (and your opportunity to see what "Oscar" material Channing has available for sale) please visit his EBAY Store's Academy
Award/Oscar link HERE.



Kirby McDaniel has added hundreds of great inserts, half sheets and lobby cards For Sale on his LAMP Meet the Dealer Page. Over the next few weeks, he will be adding one sheets and other sizes as well. Kirby has some great titles -- be sure to check out his updated Meet the Dealer page by clicking HERE.


Dominique Besson has just updated his website, adding 150 new posters with many great titles such as :

The Big Sleep - Rare large french
la Grande Illusion - Rare Lancy art
A bout de Souffle - large and medium french
This Gun for Hire - large french
The Bridge on the River Kwai - large rare french
Sabrina - large french and Belgian
The Deer Hunter - rare UK 1sh
Le Mans - large french
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Japanese 2-panel
Roman Holiday - Italian 55x78in
The Misfits - Italian 55x78in

And many US posters from 60's and 70's (Bedazzled, One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Next, One Million Years BC, The Getaway Apocalypse Now, etc ...)
Be sure to visit the site HERE.




Over 15,000 items for sale that are not pictured.



We are continuing to update our inventory. You can see the list by clicking on the blue button below.




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