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May, 2009


We want to welcome Albert Kerviel from Cinema Affiche to our LAMP dealer family. Albert is located in Avignon France and offers original posters from France and other countries, some on linen, old and recent.  His website, which offers both English and French versions, has online search capabilities and features an online catalog.  Take a little time to go through and see what a wonderful selection CinemaAffiche offers.  If you don't see what you're looking for, be sure to send Albert your want list.  To check out this great site, click HERE.



Movie poster collectors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and collect for a wide variety of reasons. Most of us do it for nostalgic reasons, to remind us of our youth, or a favorite memory. But occasionally, a poster collector steps over those boundaries and goes on to achieve GREATNESS!!! And such is fellow collector and actor Glenn Taranto who has accomplished what most of us would love to do - write a script that actually becomes a movie.  So what, you say... You do it all the time.. the bikers.. the villians, all the bikini girls, the aliens....oh no, that's the family reunion!!.. NO, Glenn actually WROTE a movie AND SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKED IT!! Be sure to check out the film, Stolen Live, when it comes to a BIG screen near you. We now have someone FAMOUS amongst us.... (Get in line for the autographs!!!) And Glenn PROMISES, when he makes his first million..... ALL POSTER COLLECTORS CAN COME STAY AT GLENN'S HOUSE....FOR A BEACH PARTY LIKE HEF THROWS!!

NO.... Oh well, anyway... Congrats GLENN!! (we're jealous and admit it)  I want to go on record NOW.... I want one of the posters (and I'M FIRST in line !!) I don't know how to make a tongue sticking out:(

Get in a comfortable chair.... get a cup of coffee... sit back and ENJOY.. Here's the trailer



The advance sale ends June 1st. Shipping of the Production Code Log with OVER 25,000 codes is scheduled for June 10-15th.

This edition is completely revised with a new format that lets you look up codes quickly and easily. This edition also contains codes for minor US studios and some French and British production codes. We will not print this edition again for at least 2 years. Here's more info.



The Library of Congress (LOC) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of legendary actress Mary Pickford’s screen debut with a traveling film series
highlighting some of her greatest movies. Pickford’s career lasted a remarkable 24 years, nearly the entire span of the silent era, and she appeared
in an estimated 205 films. The LOC is home to the world’s largest collection of Pickford films, including her personal collection which she donated to the Library in 1946.

The nation wide tour began April 25th in Detroit, Michigan. Next stop is May31st in Mount Pony Theater in Culpepper, Virginia. So check your local area to see if an exhibit is coming near you.



As the internet opens up posters from a wider and wider variety of countries, it becomes important to try to keep up with the information about them. One of the countries that seems to get overlooked quite a bit is Egypt. Called, 'the Hollywood of the Arab World', the film industry in Egypt began about the same time as most other major countries. By 1932, Egypt had theaters with sound and has been the heart of the film industry in the Arab World. Although their industry is quite different than the film industry over here, their posters are fantastic.

Luckily, we have one of the world's experts in Egyptian posters, LAMP Sponsor John Green, to help us with their information. John diligently promotes the Egyptian posters as a definitely unique variation to anyone's collection. John writes a regular blog to explain and teach many of the oddities of Egyptian posters. Here is a great blob on Omar Sharif and his Egyptian posters. Take a look at some really unusual artwork.



May 26, 2009 – Jaws, Serpico, North Dallas Forty, The God Father, Dirty Harry, Clockwork Orange, and the classic camp comedy Meatballs are just some of the vintage posters that will conjure up memories from summer movies past. These iconic films and characters which have set the standard in movie making today, were studio gambles over thirty years ago. The 1970’s poster exhibit celebrates the art and the films that set the tone for a generation begins as the Long Beach Island Film Festival celebrates the new talent in film making with their inaugural festival June 4-7.

The exhibit curator, Bruce Lawton, is an accomplished historian and preservationist. He has provided rare film sequences and archival material for the American Film Institute, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and has worked their D.W. GRIFFITH SERIES as well as assisting their restoration of THE GOLD RUSH for the Chaplin Estate. Mr. Lawton has also been commissioned by Paramount to inspect its film and video vaults on both coasts in order to evaluate their archival preservation program.

Lawton comments on the upcoming exhibit “One of the things that I've started to realize is what a diverse cross-section of films being made in the 70s and how diverse the ad campaigns were. I’ve also noticed how much the 70s are like today - and are being reflected in today's cinema. There is something for everyone in this exhibit, Lawton has selected films for the romantic, young at heart with Disney live action film posters as well something for fans seeking 70’s star power, SCI FI and pure horror.

For more information about the exhibit and the items available for purchase contact Unshredded Nostalgia 323 South Main Street, Rt 9, Barnegat NJ or call 609 660-2626, for schedules for the Lighthouse International Film Festival visit and to reach the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce visit , their visitor center at 265 West Ninth Street, Ship Bottom or call 609 494 7211.



Yazoo Mills

Yazoo Mills, one of the largest independent producers of tubes and cores in North America, has launched an improved and expanded web site that provides visitors with an enhanced user experience. The new site is much larger, more user friendly, and more visually appealing. The upgraded functionality, enhanced graphics, and automated e-commerce order processing and payment by credit card make the site the best in the industry.

Femmes Fatales and Fantasies

One of the newest and fastest growing vintage dealer sites is really growing by leaps and bounds. And what GREAT large images. And now they have a new blog feature. Come see all the new additions!


Jon has upgraded his website and has a great selection of New Arrivals including some really cool pieces like the Back to the Future 1 & 2 British lobby card SETS and some great quads. Be sure and check out his site and see all the new items.

Conway's Vintage Treasures

Conway has done a great job upgrading his website and even has a new video to show you. Conway has a wide variety of posters, autographs, sports and movie memorabilia, so take a few minutes and go see some really nice stuff.

Dominique Besson

Dominique has just added 95 new posters to his website and, as always, they are some really fine pieces. Take a look, I'm sure you will be impressed.

Film Art

This month Mat has a gallery up for cult films which is really cool. Check it out


If you are in the UK during March, be sure to visit Terry and Sue from quadbod at one of these great shows:

Sat 13/Sun14 June 2009 – Antiques & Collectors Fair, Oswestry at Oswestry Showground A495 Whittington Road

LAMP's new Learn About International Movie Posters will be available for purchase.

For more information, visit their website HERE.

Reel Art

Here is Reel Art's schedule of events for June, 2009:

May 29-May 31, 2009
Monsterpalooza: The Art of Monsters!
The Burbank Airport Marriott
Hotel & Convention Center
2500 North Hollywood Way
Burbank, California  91505
Their first show with guests: Basil Gogos, The Chiodo Bros, Verne Langdon, Jim Warren, Doug Jones & more.

June 6-7, 2009
Printers Row Lit Fest
Chicago, IL
Printers Row Info
Neil Gaiman will be honored with Chicago Tribune Young Adult Book Prize on Saturday, and we'll have a special A WALKING TOUR OF THE SHAMBLES (by Neil Gaiman & Gene Wolfe) Discount coupon.

June 19-21, 2009
Wizard World Philadelphia
Howard Chaykin, Walt Simonson, Greg Pak, Phil Jiminez, Kevin Maguire, Garth Ennis & more!

June 26-28, 2009
Monster Bash 2009
Days Inn Conference Center
Butler, PA
Dedicated to classic movie monsters.

In addition, you can read the latest Reel Art newsletter HERE.



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