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We are already being asked about specific individuals and about acquisition of hi-res images. For specific people that are not online yet, you can email Sue and if we have stills of them on file, we will gladly move them up to put online for you.

As for acquisitions - Yes, we do have all of the archive images in hi-res. These are primarily at 300 d.p.i. and not the internet 72. However, they come from a variety of sources so quality does vary.

First, we are NOT stills dealers (and don't want to be)

We have acquired a massive amount of images over the years (over 100,000), primarily with our continued research on production codes. We are constantly being asked what we have so we figured this would be a way of getting them out of all the corners that they have been stuck in and into one location (and stop some of the specific hunting).

I know you have not read our disclaimer, so let me bring it to your attention:

Transmission or reproduction of protected items may require the written permission of copyright owners. However, the nature of archival collections is such that copyright may often be difficult to determine. The appropriate use of this information rests with the patron.

Since the Learn About Network does not maintain any records of rights, we cannot give or deny permission to publish or distribute information displayed on our websites except for material created and/or compiled by the Learn About Network. It is the user's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials from the Learn About Network.

Although most of these are probably in the public domain, we do not have time or desire to find out. These are stills that we have acquired for research. Because of this, WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR STILLS. The stills are FREE... but our time is not. We DO charge a handling fee of $10 each to help cover our time spent. If you see something that you want, let me know and I will pull and give you the specific still size and information of what we have on hand. Contact me for any additional information or variations.


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