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films made in our about Louisiana
Angel Heart - Polish one sheet Gator Bait - Egyptian one sheet Inside the White Slave Traffic - U.S. one sheet Legend of the Bayou - R83 U.S. one sheet Docks of New Orleans - US one sheet Easy Rider - Japanese B2 poster Blob - US one sheet Interview With the Vampire - Bus Stop poster

Presentation & Exhibits


We have a one hour Powerpoint presentation on Louisiana Film History covering from 1896 to 2010. We make this available to educational institutions and interested groups to bring more attention to the tremendous contributions that Louisiana has made both to and on the film industry.

Here is a little background on the presentation:

We personally collect film posters made in or about Louisiana, and have been for over 30 years. As we were doing research to see what was actually made here and where, we were astonished at the lack of any documentation. So, we have slowly been compiling and searching through newspapers, trade magazines and any other place we could find information.

With the state making such tremendous strides to make Louisiana a major film production state, we thought that it was time to release our records to bring more attention to all the past accomplishments and films that had been produced here. This is why we released our book Hollywood on the Bayou.

To promote the book, we created a presentation on Louisiana Film History and presented it at a lecture and exhibit at the Jefferson Parish Regional Library .

Due to the lack of any real information on the topic available to the public, the presentation was received far better than we had anticipated. So, we continued to improve and expand the presentation as it continues to draw more attention on its own.

Some previous presentations:

Jefferson Parish Library - Metairie & Harvey

Louisiana Art & Science Museum - Baton Rouge

Louisiana Book Festival - state capital senate committee room

Chalmette Movie Theater - Chalmette

Roundtable Club - New Orleans

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)

We now have some video excerpts from the presentation. Click here

For upcoming presentations, see our section on Where & When

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your group, please contact us.


Over the years, we have acquired one of the largest collections of original Louisiana film posters in the state.

We have a small travelling exhibit of reproduction Louisiana film posters that is currently circulating to the different libraries in Jefferson Parish.

If you have a special event with secure exhibiting environment, contact us and we will be glad to discuss an exhibit of ANY size.

Here are a FEW of the posters that we have available for exhibits