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Comic Art & Graffix Gallery was founded in 1986 by comic art collector and dealer Richard Halegua. Born in New York City, Rich started collecting comic books in 1961, at the tender age of five years old. When he was nine, so that he could afford to buy comics for his collection, he began selling comic books, movie posters & other collectibles to his friends.

Then in 1967, high school teacher Phil Seuling sponsored the first major comic book convention in New York. Called the Comic Art Convention, there were tables and tables full of golden age and silver age comics, big little books, newspaper strips, pin-ups, movie posters and original artwork.

By the time Rich was 18 he had become a full time comic & collectable dealer in everything from comics to movie posters to baseball cards, monster mags, rock & roll posters and related stuff. He began dealing in Original Comic Book & Comic Strip Art, Pulp Cover Paintings & Pin-Up Art a few years later.

During the middle eighties he was part of a crew of dealers who found large amounts of collectables, including finding the old warehouses of comics publishers Fawcett and Standard.

In the interim he had moved out of NYC and relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he opened an art gallery in 1986 called Comic Art & Graffix Gallery.

Beginning in 1991 Rich was asked by several different magazine publishers to write articles on comic artwork which were published in a wide assortment of titles. His writing has appeared in Collectors Showcase, Original Art Collector, Comics Buyers Guide, Inside Comics, Wizard Magazine & others.

In 1993, Rich moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and has been there ever since enjoying the sunny playground city.

Rich recently purchased Movie Poster Bid and has been reworking and improving it to become a showcase online auction created especially for the movie buff.

Dealer Contact Info:
Comic-Art & Graffix Gallery
Owner - Rich Halegua
PO Box 46454
Las Vegas, Nevada 89114
Phone: 702-285-3554
Email address: