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 WELCOME to THE ONLY film accessory research network on the internet.  There are hundreds of articles  for beginner to intermediate  information. There is a Members Area for intermediate and advanced research  that includes major reference books on all areas of film accessories. Also available is THE ONLY  cross- referenced movie poster research database (MoviePosterDataBase.com)  with 100,000 poster images  online. Our database is also a Marketplace with over 50,000 pieces FOR SALE and you deal directly with  Approved Dealers. Come Learn About (the historical documents called) Movie Posters.
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 Early October Edition LAMP Post - Film  Accessory  News is now online. Auction season is here  with  TONS & TONS of fantastic movie posters! -  DON'T  MISS OUT! - click here.

 Special article - We have a special focus on industry  giant Italian artist Anselmo Ballester - be sure and  take a look at some of his fantastic artwork!

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