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The term "short" is generally applied to any film that is short in duration (not full-length) and is normally shown before a full-length movie. Although there is a specific definition of "short" it is used in this context to represent any of the following:


Normally up to 7 minutes long.


Normally 12-13 minutes long

Short Subjects

Normally 18-20 minutes long.

Sometimes a movie studio will release an individual poster specifically for the short. These posters look identical to a theatre one sheet, and normally will have a tag somewhere on the poster which indicates which feature movie it is coupled with. Instead of producing an individual poster for a specific short, movie studios sometimes opt to put a tag about the featurette on the one sheet. (This is not considered a combo poster since it involves one full-length feature and a short. Combo posters are released for two or more full-length features.)

Some posters for 'shorts' were released as stock posters, but the most common was serial posters.

Short posters are legitimate theatre art by definition, as they are issued as advertising materials and distributed directly to the theatres and film exhibitors. In fact, they are very popular with certain movie art collectors, because there are not as many shorts as there are feature films.



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