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Dealer Map
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Currency -
Turkish lira (TL)
Conversion Rate
Alternate Payments
Western Union
2000 Population -65,666,000
Language - Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, and Greek
Capital - Ankara
Shipping and Postal Information
Industry Information
Movie Industry in Turkey
Production Studios in Turkey
Distribution Companies in Turkey
Studio Notes and Oddities
Censorship Board in Turkey
Film Ratings in Turkey
Turkey Artists
Turkey Film Commission
Poster Information

Turkey is geographically, politically and officially part of two continents - Europe and Asia. The smaller northwestern portion (Thrace) is part of Europe, while the larger portion (Anatolia) is part of Asia.

Founded in 1923 after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire,

Here are the most common poster sizes:

27x39 - this is the most common size and used as the one sheet.

40x60 - this is commonly called a Turkish 2 sheet

There have been other sizes that have been reported, but we haven't been able to verify any others except this one yet.

Reissues and Reproductions

Reproductions are not common but, because of the rising popularity, I expect to see some soon.


To see what Turkey posters that we have in our database, click here. The green dollar mark means that one of our dealers have that poster for sale.

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