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A hole results when part of the poster is either torn partially away from the remainder of the poster, or when entire pieces of the poster are missing.


Holes occur for an endless variety of reasons. The more common causes are due to pins and staples which were used to display the poster in the theatre lobby. Other holes are the result of mishandling of the poster. Stored posters can attract a number of insects such as silverfish, worms, etc. which result in chew marks.


The location and size of the hole(s) will determine what affect, if any, it/they will have on the overall value of the poster. Holes that are on the border of the poster will not impact the value, generally speaking. Even small pieces that are missing from the poster, if they are on the border, will not have an affect.

However, holes or missing pieces of the poster that are located on the artwork itself is considered a major defect, and will therefore affect the overall value of the poster. SEE GRADING FOR MORE INFORMATION!


If the paper is merely torn back from the poster but is still attached and intact, it can be gently pulled back into place and reattached by use of acid-free archival tape on the back side of the poster. The torn piece may be wrinkled, so the wrinkles will have to gently be pulled out before reattaching.

Small pin holes can be repaired by placing acid-free archival tape on the back of the poster and coloring in the front of the tape to match the poster. Normally, the pin just pushes the paper aside as it penetrates making it fairly easy to repair.

Major holes can be restored by a professional poster restorer. Major holes can be repaired in a number of ways, such as filling the hole with a painting material called gesso which is applied and then sanded down, or by linen or paper backing.

For larger holes, the restorer normally has to find a paper match from a similar poster, bleach it and attach it to your poster and repaint the paper.

For this type of procedure, be sure to have a good restorer:

Here are LAMP Approved restorers:

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