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The value of movie art as a collectible is determined by a number of factors:

  • how rare is the poster;
  • is there a demand for that particular poster;
  • how old (what issue) is the poster, and
  • what is the physical condition of the poster.

Before assessing the value of a poster, its physical condition must be analyzed.


Assessing the condition of movie art is subjective and thus there are no "carved-in-stone" rules for grading the condition of posters. There are, however, two generally accepted "grading systems" that are adhered to by most collectors/dealers. There is a third grading system that is used by auction houses. Because there are no set standards grades can vary among the parties doing the assessing.

Grading is affected by the existence (or non-existence) of defects/blemishes such as tears, wrinkles, creases, holes, bleed-throughs, marks, stains, fading, etc. The next step is to look at any blemishes in terms of its (their) location in relation to the overall poster. If the defects/blemishes appear in the border of the poster and do not detract from the poster's artwork, the presence of these defects/blemishes generally do not warrant a significantly lower grade. However, if any of these defects/blemishes appear anywhere in the body of the poster, particularly the poster's artwork, they will have a significant affect on the poster's overall grade.


There are generally two ways to assess the collectibility and market value of a particular poster. You can either rely on your personal knowledge and understanding of the current collectors market OR do your own independent research through recognized price guides and collector magazines.

Prices for movie art are generally placed within an accepted high/low range which is based on the demand for a particular title. Where a particular poster falls within this high/low range is determined solely on its condition. If the poster is given a high grade, it will command top dollar in that title's generally accepted high/low price range. On the other hand, if the poster is in poor condition, it will generally be priced at the lowest end of the title's accepted price range. Therefore, the graded condition of the poster will determine where its value falls within the generally accepted high/low range.

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