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A mark is defined as any blemish on the front of the poster caused by pens, markers, grease pencils, regular pencils, crayons, or any other type of writing device.


Most marks found on posters were put there intentionally. Mustaches and devils horns may be found on the faces of leading men and ladies. Scribble marks, doodles and other "color additions" at the hands of amateur artists can be found on posters.


Marks that are found on the border of a poster do not affect the value. Marks of any kind that deface the artwork of the poster are considered serious blemishes and will severely affect the poster's value. Marks that are located on the back of the poster are not considered a defect, unless they result in a bleed-through or see-through. SEE GRADING FOR MORE INFORMATION!


There are a number of options available when repairing marks on posters, depending on whether the marks are old or new.

If the mark was made by an older fountain pen, an ink eradicator may be used to remove it. Ink eradicator is a type of bleach - when the mark is removed, so is the color. Thus, the area where the ink eradicator is used would have to be colored back in.

If the mark is the result of indelible ink or a ballpoint pen, it cannot be bleached out. The marks would then have to be removed by a professional restorer.

Pencil marks can be removed with the use of a yellow brick art gum eraser. The art gum eraser is very soft and crumbly. Regular pen and pencil erasers will not only remove the mark, it will also remove all color. A REGULAR PEN OR PENCIL ERASER SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO REMOVE ANY TYPE OF MARKS.

Since removing marks from the artwork of a poster almost always results in the loss of color, it is recommended that the removal of marks be done by a professional.

For this type of procedure, be sure to have a good restorer:

Here are LAMP Approved restorers:

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