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What is a lenticular poster?

Lenticular is a specialized printing process which differs from hologram. Where holograms look incredible when lit correctly, lenticulars look great in almost any kind of light.

Lenticular is a process of taking normally 12 different images interlaced in special layers into an extremely confusing image. This image is then printed onto the paper.

Finally, a lens material (hence the name 'lenticular') is laminated in "register" to the paper. The lenses block 11 of the 12 images from view, and as you turn the poster the lens reveals a different frame, creating the illusion of motion.

For a list of the lenticular posters issued, click HERE

Different types?

The normal lenticular poster, such as was released with the film The Santa Clause, is printed on paper and may have part or all of its artwork changeable. To see the image changes, the poster needs to be physically move or the viewer has to move from side to side. There is a more limited version of lenticular posters, such as the poster released with the film The Lost World: Jurassic Park that utilize a transparent paper which requires direct light behind the poster in order for the viewer to see the image change. These are used primarily in lightboxes. With these posters you get a fantastic moving life-like image.

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