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Lenticular Posters

Issued BEFORE 2000

Lenticular posters have become so popular that we are having to divide the list. For lenticular posters issued AFTER the year 2000, click here.

Here's a list of lenticular posters released that we have compiled so far.


Ben Hur

US counter display measures 11x14

German R1969 release measures 23x33 horizontally



2001: A Space Odyssey

2 small US posters measuring 10x14 each

US 23x33
UK 23x29


Ice Station Zebra

Two sizes were issued for this title 11x14 and 23x33

small lenticular Ice Station Zebra

large lenticular Ice Station Zebra



Meteor Man


Nightmare Before Christmas

There were several lenticular pieces for this title.


Hells Gate


Many Faces of Jack
issued through studio approved outlets only




A special lenticular poster for the video was issued

Brainscan Video lenticular


Santa Clause

This poster was a partial lenticular. Only the Snow Globe is lenticular.




Johnny Mnemonic

A very limited number of British Quads
produced for this title



A lenticular German window card
was produced for this film




An advance, a regular and a Bus Shelter poster
was produced

this is the regular issue


ID4: Independence Day

a UK 24x36 poster

5 different small lenticular posters were issued.
This one was issued with the purchase of the video.



Face Off

a large lobby card for the British market
was produced


A 40x60 Bus Shelter poster was produced in VERY limited quantity for this film


Lost World: Jurassic Park

Great looking poster was supposedly issued as a give to radio stations only to promote the film.


Shadow Builder






A lenticular Japanese daybill
was produced for this film


Jack Frost

a US one sheet was produced for this film


Mask of Zorro

A VERY limited number of UK one sheets produced


Mighty Joe Young

A Half Sheet was produced for this film


Species 2

For the theater, 2 different advance posters were issued. One stating 'Coming this summer' and one stating 'summer 1998'. These are a thick poster needing a lite back.

For the video release a poster for use
without a lighted back. This is a thinner poster than the theater.

(photo courtesy of moviegoods.com)


the Mummy

a small German lenticular poster was produced


Here is a link into our archive for a list of Lenticular Posters


a special thanks to Martin Fontaine, James Cornwell, Ron Zwarts,
and Michael Koytluk (worlds only lenticular restorer)

This section is for reference use. Images found on this site are property of L.A.M.P. and are for reference purposes only with NO rights implied or given. See LAMP Disclaimer
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