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Are you interested in collecting movie posters? Movie poster collecting can be a great hobby. Are you interested in buying a movie poster and want to know more before you purchase? Do you have a movie poster and want to know more about it? Then youre at the right place!

There is no quick approach to learning the fascinating world of movie poster collecting. In fact, the word "movie poster" is used to describe a wide variety of types and styles of advertising paper products that movie studios use to promote their films. All of these paper items fall into the category of "movie art" which includes movie posters, card items, press and promotional items.

While buying a movie poster seems like a simple decision on the surface, the world of collectible movie art can get very complicated. You can make some very costly mistakes if you are not fully informed. Whether intentional or not, many of the "original movie posters" that are being sold today, particularly through online auctions, do not meet the strict criteria used by collectors to deem a poster as "legitimate collectible movie art." The term "movie poster" is applied across the board to include many items that ARE NOT CONSIDERED COLLECTIBLE to movie art collectors. A movie poster is considered to be "collectible movie art" only after it meets certain specific criteria. In addition, the word "original" is often misunderstood to mean "collectible," but there is a big difference.

Whether buying, selling or simply trying to determine what you have, there are six key areas with which you should become familiar. If you are not looking to collect, the two levels of the breakdown should suffice. If your goal is to become a collector, we strongly suggest that you follow through all levels.

If youre ready to enter the world of movie art, click the key.



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