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Trimming results when pieces of the border of the poster are cut or shaved off.


Trimming is almost always an intentional act which is normally done to either reduce the poster to a smaller size, particularly for framing purposes; to intentionally remove the credit information from the poster's artwork; or to remove some type of border defect.


Posters SHOULD NEVER be trimmed, as this is considered a serious defect and significantly affects the value of the poster.

Trimming commonly occurs on window cards, where the blank borders which were designed for use by theatres to put show dates and times is cut off.

It is also common when framing a poster where the frame is slightly smaller than the poster, OR some dealers use this to eliminate some border damage. Even though if it is done only in the border, it doesn't have quite the same impact as trimming into the artwork. SEE GRADING FOR MORE INFORMATION!


Professional poster restorers can restore a trimmed poster through a linen backing process.

Here are LAMP Approved restorers:

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