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Movie studios will sometimes present a special screening for film critics before a movie's release to the general public. If there are enough positive comments, they will issue a special style "review" poster with the general release of the film. A review poster IS NOT considered a reissued/rereleased poster.

The review poster is normally issued as a one sheet. Because its principal purpose is to bring to light the excellent reviews and/or special commendations the film has received, the review poster usually lists a number of the positive comments. To accommodate space for these remarks, the artwork on a review poster is usually very limited. Review posters are normally issued in tandem with regular movie materials.

It is very easy to spot a review poster. It has very little or no artwork, little or no credit information, and contains large-print excerpts from newspapers, movie critics, magazines, etc. Most review posters are simply a listing of favorable comments that were made about the film in the media, with some artwork in the background.

There are some review posters that will have the word "review" printed on the bottom right corner. Not all review posters are so marked, however.




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