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A standee is any type of display that basically "stands on its own or is able to be displayed with little or no outside support. A standup can range from a small counter top standing display to a larger than life lobby size display, and anything in between. Most standees are constructed of heavy duty cardboard.

Standees in all forms are extensively used in today's movie theatres. Some of the displays are extremely large, incorporating motors, holograms, mobiles, window stickers and other types of advertising materials to complete an elaborate lobby display.


Since the term "standee" can mean any type of cardboard display, it is difficult to establish when the first such display was used. It is known that some of the earliest theatres constructed their own "lobby" setups and displays would could arguably be considered a "standee." Since "standee" is a very general term, pinpointing a first is virtually impossible.


Because many of the standups are "constructed" or put together from a number of pieces to stand, they are sometimes difficult to take apart without any damage. This makes an undamaged used standup rare. Depending on their size, standups are often quite awkward, making them not as desirable as a collectible. However, as with all other forms of movie poster advertising, there are certain collectors who collect standup materials. In addition, a collector may want a particular standup if they happen to like the film.





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