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Semi - Stock posters are very similar to regular Stock Posters with a slight variation put in by the distributor...
Let me explain... Stock Posters are generalized posters that are sent to the theater manager for reoccuring topics, such as the cartoon, news etc. Some of the stock posters have a blank area for the theater manager to put the current title on the poster by writing on it... or by using a snipe or stencil.

A Semi - Stock poster is a generic poster printed up (just like the regular STOCK poster.. EXCEPT ..the distributor HOLDS the poster for a particular release .. THEN the DISTRIBUTOR takes the stock poster and prints a particular release on it and THEN sends it down to the theater manager. The theater manager receives a poster with a PRINTED title.

Because the title is printed on BEFORE it is sent to the theater manager... each title is also assigned a different NSS number.

Here's a sample of a Semi Stock Posters

The Little Wise Quacker was released in 1952 with NSS number 52/9360 and the Red Hot Riding Hood was released in 1953 with the NSS number 53/1007

Semi - Stock sheets were normally issued in the one sheet size (27x41) but were also issued in other sizes such as window cards, inserts and lobby cards.

They featured generic artwork without credit information. They usually contained a blank area where a theatre could place a snipe giving the name of the cartoon or short being shown. Some snipes were removable so the stock sheets could be reused but others were just pasted over.



Semi - Stock sheets are popular with some movie art collectors. This is particularly true of stock sheets from the early years and those of popular cartoon characters.

To see stock sheets and semi stock sheets in our database, click here


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