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A snipe is a piece of paper which gives additional information about a particular film once the posters were issued. This eliminated the need to reprint the materials. There are several types of snipes.

*Common Snipe - These varied in sizes, but generally contained new or revised information regarding the film. An example would be snipes proclaiming "Limited Engagement" or "Coming in 3-D." These were also used to correct errors in credit information.

*Pictorial Snipe - Although these were rarely used, the studios issued a snipe when they needed to change "artwork." This was more cost effective than reissuing a new poster.

* Theatre Snipe - These were created by individual theatres to post specific information about their theatre such as theatre location, times of showings, etc. These were very often used with window cards and stock sheets.

Snipes come in a variety of sizes, depending on their intended use.


  • Common snipes are not normally viewed as very collectible because they rarely contain information that identifies the particular film. .
  • Theatre snipes are also not considered very collectible for this same reason.
  • The pictorial snipes are considered more collectible because they normally have artwork AND film information.





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