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What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation is a technique developed by the Library of Congress for the long-term preservation of rare and valuable sheet documents.

It is done in two steps.

First the item is chemically stablized and deacidified, and then it is sealed in an acid-free polyester enclosure.

The polyester (Mylar) capsule is a tough, clear and attractive material that can withstand routine handling and moving for many years.

The seal keeps the item dry and free of contaminants, while the transparent polyester allows the paper to be viewed from both sides.

The polyester capsule itself is not attached to the paper in any way, and thus the poster can always be safely removed. The only loss in the event of removal would be breakage of the seal, but the unsealed capsule could still be reused as a protective sleeve.

It's like sticking your poster in a clear envelope and it can still be framed.


PROS -fairly inexpensive and looks excellent. Makes it easier to handle without worrying about damaging the poster

CONS -you still have to provide either storage or display methods.

TIP: Do any repairs or clean up BEFORE you put the poster into the capsule.


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