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Normally, we have the dealer submit their information for us to create their Meet the Dealers page, but since we've known Fred for many, many (many) years and knew that he wouldn't write much about himself, we decided to write this page for him.

We have personally dealt with Fred in a wide variety of situations from wholesale to retail, buying and selling and at shows, and can not say enough about the courtesy, knowledge and dedication to the hobby to do Fred justice. We would give Fred our highest recommendation that we could give and would say that most collectors come away with not only an excellent purchase from Fred but also come away with a new friend.

Fred specializes in US posters and carries a huge selection from new material to vintage and from the most popular posters to the odd and obsure titles. You'll notice on his site that he likes to give backgrounds and additional information about the posters.
Dealer Contact Info:
The Cinema Trade
Owner - Fred Sliman
672 Broadmoor Ave.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815
Phone: 225-925-3297
Email address: