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My name is Kirby McDaniel and I own MovieArt -- a Texas based company that buys, sells, and trades authentic theatrical-release film posters.

MovieArt has been in business since August of 1979 when I acquired 20,000 posters which had been in storage in New Orleans. The first poster sales that I made were in the Student Unions of various universities and colleges in the Texas-Oklahoma-Louisiana area. Soon I was selling posters through ads in Movie Collector's World.

Then the phone began to ring, and it seems I have been on the phone ever since. In fact most of the posters that MovieArt sells are sold over the telephone. I enjoy talking with customers and learning about what they collect, what they are looking for..., and what they have that they might want to sell.

Of course, the Internet has become a great marketplace for buying and selling posters, so MovieArt keeps an Internet presence through our own website and on, selling occasionally under the user id movieart*austin*tx*usa.

MovieArt also buys individual posters, groups of posters, and entire collections. Do not sell your collection until you have spoken with us.

Texas Country Reporter did an article on us. Here is the video

Dealer Contact Info:
MovieArt of Austin
Owner - Kirby McDaniel
PO Box 4419
Austin, Texas 78765-4419
Phone: 512-479-6680
Fax: 512 480 8225
Email address: