Posters and Stuff, a UK-based movie collectibles company, has acquired the rights to produce exact reproductions of the original British quad theater posters for the Hammer horror classics. To date, 12 titles have been produced. The originals would cost hundreds of dollars, but these are available for £19.99 ($40) each. If you subscribe to the service and agree to take one poster each month, you will also get an exclusive reproduction of the double bill for The Curse of Frankenstein/ The Mummy double feature - a poster not available to non-subscribers. The only fly in the ointment was brought up by our friends at www.learnaboutmovieposters.com, the most comprehensive site dedicated to every manner of movie poster collecting. They were concerned that unless something distinguished these as reprints, they could be confused with the originals in the years to come and sold to naive collectors at greatly inflated prices. This happened with some James Bond quad reprints back in the 1980s. Many were sold as original posters - even though the dimensions were somewhat smaller. In the case of the Hammer quad reprints, the folks at Learn About Movie Posters were concerned because these will be identical in every way to the original posters - and will have the exact dimensions. Ed Poole, who founded Learn About Movie Posters, spoke to the owner of Posters and Stuff and the company has agreed to stamp the reverse side of every reprint with a notice designating that it is not an original issue. At least there are some scrupulous people left in this hobby! For Ed's exclusive coverage about the Hammer poster release, click here. While you're at it, prepare to spend about a full day perusing the incredible archive of movie poster history on his site. To order the posters from Posters and Stuff click here

"The Curse of Frankenstein" is one of twelve classic Hammer Horror posters now available as reproductions.