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This is an update to our introduction article to the Hammer reproductions back in 2007. A British company called Posters and Stuff received a contract with Hammer to reproduce their posters. Here is our initial article and an article that was done in 2008 for Cinema Retro magazine.

As expected, these great looking reproductions have gone over extremely well. Unfortunately, there is an unending supply of unscrupulous individuals in the hobby that try to prey on unsuspecting collectors, passing off reproductions as originals. These scoundrels will stop at nothing to make money which has caused the fake scandal rocking the poster industry currently.

I figured it was time to revisit and update the Hammer reproductions that I anticipate to become a problem within a few years. If you are not familiar with them, I would suggest that you read our initial article from 2007 (the link is above).

At this time, there are now 28 different Hammer quads that have been reproduced. Here is the link to the Posters & Stuff sales page showing the titles released so far.

BUT, NOW, in addition, Posters & Stuff also has reproduction Hammer British lobby card sets. They already have 30 titles covered. Here is the link to show the titles that have available so far on these sets.

And while there is ALWAYS a place for good reproductions in our industry, there also seems to be an unending supply of scoundrels trying to take advantage of both the collectors AND the people trying to release a good reproduction.


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