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Dutch Movie Poster Sizes

Even though film production from the Netherlands has made much impact on the world wide film industry, Dutch POSTERS HAVE made a great impact, but not the way that you would think. Actual Dutch posters were rarely issued. Here is the standard sizes:

We have found several smaller odd sized posters that range from 13x22 to 14x26

19x28 - this is the standard smaller sized posters

23x34 - this is the standard one size that was issued. This varies slightly an inch or 2 in both directions

33x46 - the standard sized two sheet - pre-WWII posters were slightly smaller at approx. 25x42.

The Dutch cinemas only presented a very small percent of Dutch made films consequently few Dutch printed posters. BUT their GREAT number of posters that they imported and marked with their censor stamps have infiltrated all levels of the hobby.


Here are the Dutch posters that we have in our Cinema Poster Archive so far.