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Creases are embedded lines that are created by pressing, misfolding or crinkling paper or card stock materials. Some collectors misclassify wrinkles with creases; wrinkles are not as deep or as damaging as creases. Creases go deeper into the paper and can actually take away the color leaving a white space. Wrinkles are more surface defects and normally do not take away the color or leave white marks. Creases will actually break through the coating and into the color, whereas wrinkles do not.


Creases are most commonly the result of mishandling, improper folding, improper storage, and lack of care in moving the poster.


Creases impact a poster's overall value, depending on how many there are and where they are located. Creases in the border would have little or no affect; creases on the artwork would have limited impact, depending on the number and severity.


Some creases can be removed by either utilizing a heavy duty clothes steamer or a heat press. Even though it is a simple process, care should be taken anytime one is handling a poster. If there are any doubts or if the poster is valuable in some respect, a professional restorer should be contacted.

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