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OK, here's a scenario. You have several posters that you want to display. You can't afford to frame them all right now but just need a cheaper method for now.

You want the cheapest way to both give some protection and be able to display your prize too.

Again let's start with the simplest. This is what I call TEMPORARY displays.

I've gone into small collector shops and seen posters, what we call in the industry, 'boarded and bagged'. This is also done a lot for collector shows. They would take an acid free board and attach the poster to it with small rolled pieces of acid free tape from the back (almost like tacking it) in several major points. Then they would put it in a large acid free bag and tape the bag down tight from the back side. The tighter the bag was taped the better and smoother the poster looked. The posters could then be stood up so customers could flip through them to see what was available.

PROS - VERY inexpensive to display and supplies are easy to attain. Can be stood up or hung up. But REMEMBER, this is temporary.

CONS - bags are a little saggy and not as clear. Posters sag in spots if left for a long time.

TIP: The tighter the bag the less the sag. Maybe that should be a song title!


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