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B&B - variation

Another method that is very similar is to 'tack' the poster with the same little rolled pieces of acid free tape but instead of 'bagging' it, you can have it 'shrink-wrapped'.

We've done literally 'thousands' of small posters this way. This is excellent for people who want to nail or 'push-pin' their poster on their walls. We would 'shrink-wrap' them on a slightly larger board so it left a border all the way around the poster. Then we would show them how to 'nail' the poster up by nailing thru the board border and NOT the poster. By the way, it doesn't pop and tear the shrink wrap if done right.

PROS - inexpensive and looks a lot nicer. Easy to hang or show and helps protect the piece.

CONS - weather affects the shrink-wrap and sometimes causes it to wrinkle. You need to touch-up the shrink-wrap with a hair dryer ever so often to tighten it back up. Also you have to be more careful not to pop the shrink-wrap or it looks terrible.

TIP: Keep it away from outside doors or air-conditioner vents. Variations in temperature causes the fluctuation in the shrink-wrap.


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