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Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is a permanent mounting process where the art is glued to a mounting board, using heat and pressure. The mounting board is usually a foam core board, but other boards can be used depending on the circumstances of how the art will be used.

A tissue type adhesive is placed between the art and the mounting board. This combination is then inserted into a vacuum press and heated up to activate the adhesive while the press applies pressure.

This method does take out the creases, wrinkles and even most of the original fold lines. In other words, it makes it look good.

When you walk into a regular local frame shop with a folded poster, this is the first thing they want to do because it's the accepted way to handle 'regular' art prints.

Quite often when we've gotten quotes to get a poster framed, the frame shop would automatically include dry mounting in the quote without ever even mentioning it… and you say….. 'well, what's wrong with that?'

Even though it makes the poster look better, it destroys a lot of the value of the piece, so we strongly recommend AGAINST it. There are other ways to prepare your poster for framing if you have a decent framer.


PROS -make the poster look good. Removes wrinkles, creases and most of the original fold lines.

CONS -damages the posters value. Most collectors won't touch a drymounted movie poster.


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