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Currency - Canadian Dollar
Conversion Rate
Alternate Payments
Western Union
2001 Population - 31,592,000
Language - English 59.3% (official), French 23.2% (official) other 17.5%
Capital - Ottawa
Shipping and Postal Information
Industry Information
History of Movie Industry in Canada
Production & Distribution in Canada
Theaters in Canada
Miscellaneous Information
Censorship Board in Canada
Film Ratings in Canada
Canadian Artists
Poster Distribution in Canada
Poster Information

Because the majority of the Canadian population is English-speaking and shares an open border with the US, the movie industry of the two countries have become intertwined. Most major studios also have a filming studio in Canada.

Because of the complexities of the structure of the studios, to understand Canadian movie paper, please see Poster Distribution in Canada (above).

Before the collapse of National Screen Service (NSS), material was sent to the 4 Distribution Centers. Each center would modify the poster according to the local censor boards. See Poster Distribution in Canada (above)

Quite often this was done by use of a snipe or a stamp, like the one shown.
The snipe was normally placed over the US ratings box. It is also quite common to find posters that were used in Canada to have the US ratings boxes blanked out or covered with a blank snipe

The major differences will come out of the Montreal Branch, where major changes were made primarily for the French posters.

Quite often older posters that the studio shipped to Canada will have a stamp which was required by most censor boards.

Newer material carry the sticker:

American or French movie posters that are printed and released in Canada do not have the Canadian sticker, but posters that are brought into the country do.

For the Quebec Distribution area, older posters quite often have a Censor Stamp:

After the collapse of the NSS, there has been a slow rise in Canadian Distribution Companies. Currently the best way to tell the difference in the US and Canadian releases is to look at the Distributor logo on the bottom right of the poster credits for distributors such as Alliance. See Production & Distribution in Canada (above)


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