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Some of the prettiest limited editions to hit the collector's market have come from The S2 Art Group.

The S2 Art Group is a diversified publisher and distributor of fine art. In addition to their fine-art collections of signed and numbered, limited-edition lithographs, they are working with the American Film Institute (AFI) to reproduce the AFI top 100 movie posters of all times. They call this line of movie art "Art of the Movies."

This collection of classic movie posters is recreated as genuine fine-art, limited-edition lithographs.

These posters are printed using a "low-tech" historical lithographic process on extremely rare antique presses. These rare 19th century presses are the same ones that created "vintage" posters over 100 years ago. The impressions are made one color at a time and must be pulled in perfect registration. They are hand-numbered.

S2 posters are issued in the 22" x 28" card, 27" x 41" one sheet and 41" x 81" three sheet sizes.

Because many of the posters they reproduce are from the early days of film, their lithographic style gives them the impression of being original movie posters.

S2 posters are easily recognized by their "embossed" label across the bottom. Many of the posters carry an embossed "AFI" on one side and an "S2" on the other.

By definition, the posters issued by S2 are not considered "legitimate movie art" because they are not released by movie studios in conjunction with the release of a film and they are released for sale to the public.

However, because their posters are printed using antique presses to recreate the early lithographic style of posters, and because they are released as a limited edition and are numbered, even many hard line collectors accept these beautiful posters as "collectible."

Now there are smaller and cheaper versions of the S2 Art Group posters on the market. These are on cheaper paper and are also the commercial size, so these are not a problem to the hobby.




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