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Zanart Publishing Inc.

Zanart was founded in 1990 and in a short time produced a variety of unusual items that are of interest to poster collectors. They lasted until 1996 when they were purchased by O.S.P. and eliminated.


They produced a little different print they called 'Chromart'. If the item is still in it's shrink package, this logo will be on the outside. It was a metallic art that utilized plastic, foiling and etching to give the illusion of depth.

They were 8x10 prints that were matted to an 11x14 ready-for-frame piece. Here are the main ones that Zanart released:

Commercial Lobby Cards

Zanart produced commercial lobby cards on several major films as well as some television shows. They were 11x14 on card stock and normally came in a set of 8. They called them 'Moviecards'. The problem comes in when they are removed from the set. There is only a copyright tag and nothing else to mark them.

Here's the movie titles that they released:

Batman Returns
set of 8 lobby cards
Bram Stoker's Dracula
set of 8 lobby cards
Gone With the Wind
set of 6 lobby cards
Home Alone 2
set of 8 lobby cards
Last of Mohicans
set of 8 lobby cards
Star Trek VI
Undiscovered Country
set of 8 lobby cards
Star Wars
set of 8 lobby cards
Wizard of Oz    


Movie Associated & Television Titles

Batman Returns
Litho card prints
set of 8 cards
special set of 4 cards -silver ink
special set of 4 cards -gold ink

Art of Batman Returns
lobby card set of 8

Batmobile Blueprints
set of 4 11x14
set of 4 16x20
set of 4 24x30

Batman Animated TV Series
set of 8 11x14 cards

Star Trek: Next Generation
set of 12 11x14 cards

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
set of 8 11x14 cards

set of 8 11x14 cards

Zanart also produced card sets of:

Betty Page - nudes
Looney Tunes

plus distributed commercial posters from Melanie Taylor Kent, Sharon Spiak, John Taylor Dismukes and animated cels

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